Tony Archer to Recover Seat


Ok folks, just been in touch with Tony archer to recover seat, but before I commit I was wondering if any one out there as any pictures of his work? There must be someone as he says he is very busy with z seats. Many thanks.

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  1. Grizzley Adams This guy will sort ya when he comes home this weekend.

  2. Ones he did for me

  3. Grizzley Adams done mine as well

  4. What kind of prices we looking at for seats covering?

  5. Some nice seats here ?

  6. Very nice seats and nice ones on his FB page. Anybody got any idea of aprox cost ?

  7. I paid around 40 quid for both covers…fit ya self…bit more if you send em to him

  8. Thanks mate, think I will be in touch with him.

  9. Tony did a great job on my seat, if you still want a pic PM me and I will take one .

  10. Tony Archer did mine about 4 years ago. Spot on ??


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