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I have a question for Kawasaki Vulcan riders. For all of us that have to put your bike away for the winter. How often do you check on it? How often do you start it and let it run? Do you put it on a battrey tender?

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  1. Good questions. I need to know all of it.

  2. Following this question but my local dealership charges 400 for a winter storage and throughout they have battery tender and fuel stabilizer (unsure what that is) and we are not allowed to get to our rides through the winter.

  3. I use a tender I start the motor every few weeks and let it run for 10min I will not start it when the temp is below 32 degrees.

  4. I live in South Tx so it’s only like two weeks for us…lol I start mine every so often if it’s going to be sitting for a while. We don’t really need much “winterizing” down here so it’s mostly just park it in the garage and make sure your battery doesn’t go dead. Change the fluids in the spring before you ride though, if I were you. Fill the tank and drain the carb if it has one.

  5. I put a good coat of wax on her, put some stabilizer in the tank, take the battery out and cover her. I don’t have a tender so I put the battery in my cellar along with my mower batter and once every 3 or 4 weeks I put my battery charger on them.

  6. Run non oxi fuel in it maybe put a little sea foam in the tank Hook up the battery tender Try to run it on warm days No problem in the spring.

  7. What is this putting your bike away, that you speak of? Cease these foul words.

    • Seriously though, unless the roads are bad I keep riding. I do run more Seafoam thru it in the winter and tend to use the tender more.

  8. I put fuel stabilizer, I fill the tank up to the cap, I wax it, I have it sitting up on perforated plastic mats so the tires are not on the concrete. And I have a battery tender on it. I cover it, Otherwise I just leave it alone.

  9. I go out every few days and just sit and talk to mine for awhile. “It’s alright honey. I know, you don’t like the snow. I assure you it will go away eventually. Just hang in there.”

  10. It was 63 today so, she got some wind in. I keep it in a heated garage and on a tender. When it’s nice I ride.

  11. Take the battery out make sure the rubber is up off the cement, battery on a tender closer to the spring, fill the tank add stabilizer and sea foam. Put a couple blankets over the engine and then put her cover on.

  12. When I lived in eastern Washington, I kept my bikes on a tender in the garage; started them every couple weeks and let them run for 15-20 minutes. Now I live in California and ride year round.

  13. If you live in Texas you can ride year around so mine get started at least once a week and road.

  14. Mine goes on a rack dolley with a battery tender and start it every 3-4 weeks just for therapy sessions.

  15. Winter time is riding time in Texas. We put ours away June, July, and August….

  16. Getting some great information here. I keep O’l Trigger on a battrey tender all the time. I may buy a new battrey this year since this one turn 5 years old this past October. I keep fuel additive in the tank. I tried Sea Foam and Trigger dosn’t like for some reason. Coughs and back fires. I just use the E-85 conditioner. When snow and ice on the ground I go out start O’l Trigger and let him run for a good while and listen to the radio.

  17. I add fuel stabilizer, put it on a battery tender, and stick it in a heated “bike box” I put together in the corner of the garage where it sits.

  18. In Ohio, ride it when ever I can!

  19. No heat outside so usually pull the battery.

  20. I’m in Denver and try to run it at least twice a month. I always have it connected to a tender w/pulse. January I add some fuel stabilization just in case. Otherwise if the ground is dry, ima going to ride. (Except under 30 degrees)

  21. Trickle charge

  22. -30 to -40 degrees in the winter here, she’s in an unheated shed. I don’t even try to start her over the winter. I fill the tank, put stabilizer in the tank, change the oil and filter, giver her a wash and she’s good for a long nap.

  23. I am in Central Cali, and ride my 06 1600 classic as long as it promises not to rain. 😉

  24. Ride as long as its dry on the roads … Check on it every couple of days when theres ice or slush on the roads…

  25. Not put away yet, but very soon. Fill tank with gas. Put stabilizer in it and ride your bike for 20 minutes before putting it asleep. Put trickle charger on. Mine will be indoors, heated garage.

  26. I only go half way – put them on the Battery Tenders, and just wait for any opportunity to crank the throttle…

  27. Put away but I see its gonna be almost 58 this Sunday, may have to go back out “one more time”

  28. It’s better not to start it all unless you ride it long enough to get really warmed up. Just a few minutes isn’t long enough. Otherwise, water from the combustion of hydrocarbons will condense in the exhaust system and rust it out.

  29. I have a storage garage, I add a additive to the fuel tank, it’s on a battery tender, I’m at the facility weekly, and run it till it warms occasionally.

  30. add stable,put battery on a tender and leave it till I can ride again in spring or go off the deep end and ride at 25 degrees LOL

  31. Here in Louisiana winter pretty much is just december and January with a few cold days the rest of the months. I wash and wax, fill tank to the top with nonethanol fuel if possible, put in a stabilizer (the blue stuff made for Ethanol gas use, it stabilizes for 2 years), do an oil change, put on the tender and cover her up. Test your coolant and change that if it’s so so or bad. Start her and let her warm now and then, ride if possible. In the spring, ride and burn the winter fuel out to empty, refill and add some sea foam and burn that tank as well. I don’t fuel with anything below 93 octane. Ethanol free if posible.

    A mechanic I trust told me it’s wise to change your oil before you put the bike up for the winter because the impurities in used oil can/will etch the inside of your engine block and components just sitting in engine. Same is true when you put your lawnmower up for the winter. Also fresh oil won’t thicken up as bad as used oil in extreme cold.

  32. Here in Iowa, Stabil in the full fuel tank, fresh oil change, hook up the Battery Tender and wait for spring. I don’t start it, unless I can ride for 20 or more miles. I have been told that starting and running for a short time is not good for the bike, it needs to be thoroughly warmed up to eliminate moisture build up. Since the Nomad sits in front of the Rav4, in the garage, no need to do anything else.

  33. I keep it in the garage battery tender hooked up and I look at her every day

  34. Battery tender all winter… start ooo 1 time per 30 days or so. let run until fan kicks in. “hot” 🙂

  35. I start my Nomad up every couple of weeks, and let her run for 15 minutes. I also put non ethanol gas in her.

  36. I ride all year. Works for me

  37. At the very least once per month

  38. I keep mine ready at a moments notice. That way I can ride at any break in the weather.

  39. I got gloves and a nice insulated jumpsuit I ordered specifically for cold weather and as long as its about 30 degrees and above I ride mine.

  40. Year round rider here don’t need to put them away for winter… We don’t get snow in PHX AZ… In fact we will take rides north just to see the snow…

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