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Looking at joining a tour in morroco next year and before I book it i want to check about insurance. Can anyone recommend a uk company for comprehensive cover that includes or can include morroco on their cover. Thanks Len

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  1. I use Holidaysafe, covers me for riding rented trail bikes on non tarmac roads in Morocco and lots of other places. Large range of options. Not stupid expensive. I’m off with Chris Scott in a couple of weeks time.

  2. Ps I don’t think that Morocco is covered by green card scheme. Need to check otherwise what companies can supply extra cover for Morocco. (Initial reply was for travel insurance)

    • I managed to get it last month with Aviva. But don’t worry if you can’t get the Green card before you go, you can buy it when you cross border?Enjoy Moroc its fantastic.

  3. Hi Len. I have just returned from Morocco on an organised tour. I was unable to obtain Green Card Insurance. I had to purchase Third Party only Insurance at the border. Minimum 28 days. 94 Euro’s. I think about half of the group of 9 had to resort to this. Morocco….absolutely stunning.

    • Thanks Nick. I dont want to do it unless I can get comprehensive insurance as the bike will be only 18mth old.

    • I will enquire further Len. Some of our group did have Green Cards. I will find out how they got them.
      The following is a response to a similar question to yours posted on our tour Facebook page………..”The policy needs to be underwritten by Ageas. One of the other provisos is that an insurance broker has to make up the difference from the Green Card. So if you are fully comp, a Green Card is third party, with the extra bit to make it fully comp coming from the broker. So people like Bennetts and Carol Nash, don’t want that hassle. Aviva use to do it, but they stopped doing it. LV have their own insurance obviously as they are underwriters, so they can sort it out. I have found Motorcycle Direct as a broker great and they moved me onto an Ageas policy at no extra charge, so I could get cover for Morocco!”

  4. Green Card via Ageas at the moment. LV use to do it and may still do it. I do know that Motorcycle Direct will do it and will make sure you are covered via Ageas. Other than that exactly what Nick has copied and pasted, as I wrote it ?

  5. Thanks Dave. I was given Ageas by Carle nash but waiting on them confirming comprehensive cover.

    • If you want to know anymore Len, then contact me at always willing to help bikers see Morocco. We have 2 rider/pillions and 2 solos booked for next year. We stay in 4 to 5 star hotels and show more of Morocco than most companies for a very competitive price.

  6. Nick did you go with overland tours as thats the company I have been talking to.

  7. No. I went with Moto Tours a thoroughly professional setup who I would highly recommend.

  8. If you haven’t booked the tour itself just yet I thoroughly recommend Guided Motorcycle Tours Ltd. I had a fabulous 2 week trip tjere this May.

  9. I’m off for the second running on a trip with Chris Scott, the guy who wrote the book on riding in North Africa, very low key, using rented bikes and flying into Marrakech then heading south.

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