Harley Willie G Cover (Need Opinions)


Ok. Need some opinions on the fender covers on my 05 Ultra. What do you thinks from the all plastic to the Willie G covers? Which looks better? I didn’t ride it in the dark yet to see how they look yet.




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  1. Where did you get them?

  2. At the Harley dealer

  3. oh yeah I like those

  4. Besides the fact that I like those, here’s my opinion. I have always hated everything about the front fender light, but that cover looks great. The back looks good either way.

  5. I went from smoked lenses to the Willie G’s love them look badass

  6. Yes Kevin Cole

  7. While you are at it, add some LED’s. Flash 3x’s as you apply Brakes . Light Up the Night.

  8. Oh I did that already. Custom Dynamics triple play run module plus Ledglow.com lighting on the bike.

  9. Plus they turn all red when you hit the brakes and can have 2 different colors at once on the bike.

  10. Which ever is the brightest and can be seen best. We all like fancy, just as long as it doesn’t compromise safety!

  11. I just went with the regular style that is a brake light also

  12. I went with a clear cover on the front with a clear LED bulb. I want to get this for the rear and remove the stock fender tip light and bumper. They’re no longer available through Harley but there are aftermarket clones.

  13. I was working on taking my off this evening lol. Found out I need a set of star bits

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