There is no option or setting for the Bluetooth


Just bought my 2017 duke 390 and rode it for the first time. Noticed that there is no option or setting for the Bluetooth KTM my ride. Is there something I’m missing? or do I need to do an update? Really wanting the Bluetooth capabilities.


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  1. Its a extra you have to buy, the dealer will install the software

  2. hello, it Cost 27€ in France, normally i’ll get it on the 1000kms Check….

  3. Comes as standard (free) here in India

  4. In the UK is classed as an add-on.. Called KTM My Ride.. Ask your dealer and should be no more than £29.. However that’s not including the fitting.. Are you on iOS or Android? iOS does not have any specific app as Android do however I’ve tried both and I was never able to get the Android app to work regardless of the Bluetooth connection being established…

  5. Supposed to be waste of time , that I have heard !!
    Keep your £25 in your pocket ocket

  6. Mine had it and I didn’t pay for it. Since it was on the bike already they couldn’t charge me …Australia

  7. I’m in the US. I’ll call my salesman today and ask what the price is. Thanks guys for your input.

  8. Free in US… surprised to hear that you all dont like it… I like being able to change volume and see the track or call coming in. It does what its supposed to for me. Although Ive wondered if the bluetooth wasnt the underlying cause behind my calendar resetting.

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