Which pipes you guys recommend for Fatboy


Fixing to have about $400 bucks to spend on some pipes. I’m wanting a 2to1 because I’m eventually getting hard saddle bags put on as well. Questions, which pipes you guys recommend close to that price range also is it an install that’s fairly simple to do yourself and last, I have a air cleaner already but not a fuel mapping pack installed. With new pipes and cleaner how long would I be good to ride before I have to get the fuel pack. Thanks in advance guys

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Answers ( No )

  1. Are your pipes stock today?

  2. Spend the $400 on a tuner like the powervision. Then check FB marketplace locally for pipes that fit a twin cam softail. Many years are interchangeable so you have a lot of choices. But please get a good tuner. And then exhaust is like underwear. You can change it all the time.

  3. Don’t run it without a tuner,the bike runs lean from factory first of all second of all you can do damage to engine,third of all those brand new pipes are gonna turn all sorts of colors.if your looking to get a good 2 into 1 you get what you pay for.a good performance pipe is gonna be thunder header,bosani,rbracing.

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