My concern though is the lean angle clearance.


I have considered adding a Fatboy to my stable for quite a long time now. Mainly because I just really like the look of them, especially silver or black matte ones with the blacked out wheels. My concern though is the lean angle clearance. I’m plenty tall enough to flatfoot any stock Harley so raising the stock height wouldn’t bother me any. Is there anything mechanical that can be done to get the floorboards up some? My neighbor had a lot of trouble with manhole covers on left turns at intersections even is why I ask.

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  1. Great question! I’m sparkin more times than not!

  2. The struggle is real. It’s the only thing I don’t love about my Lo. Coming from a Sporty, I was accustomed to being able to really lean into the curves (love it), but not so much on the Lo. Though I’m flat-footed on my Lo, at 5’3\

  3. Well I’m sure it’s not going to be a simple problem to solve or Harley would have done something years ago. But since many of you live with the bikes, I’m still wishful there are some answers out there.

  4. Air suspension kit. Lo can be raised 1\

  5. I do not find too many times I am leaning into a turn and scalping. Happens most when pavement has some kind of incline into the turn. Hard to get far over with those big fat tires anyway.

  6. This is my 2012 lo I love it I’m 6’1 and have had no problems cornering even with the apes

  7. Just need to learn how to ride her brother! I lean it over so far that at low speeds ill hit the hard mounts for the floorboards and the rear tire slides out a bit.

  8. Pro tip: if you really need more around a corner you move your body to one side of your bike during the turn (which changes the center of gravity). Had to do this on hwy 1 to keep up with my buddies. That hwy is badass, starts in Leggett, CA

  9. Don’t worry any bits wear away over the the years. My exhaust’s are wearing away now.

  10. As mom says, just part of the aging process.

  11. Their is a aftermarket floor board that are able to raise or tilt my friend has them on his night train

  12. Awesome, if you find the brand name, I sure would appreciate it.

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