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Ok, before I shoot myself in the head, does any of my friend know any trick to bleeding the front brake on a motorcycle, believe me I've tried all the tricks I know, and I know a few, but no joy. It's a fucking head ache. The fluid doesn't flow from its reservoir

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  1. Syringe it in from the calipers (left side first) then bleed mc, then cable tie the lever over night, literally takes 5 mins. Angle the bars so the mc bleed nipple is at the very top

  2. recently done both fronts and rears on my ZX6, found it easy, didnt take much effort at all,

    i think some bikes have a bleed nipple on the master cylinder, so check to see if you have that and bleed that first, if there is air trapped there it might cause the fluid to not flow through

  3. Crack the top brake pipe bolt and then do it back up they can air lock there

  4. m/c 1st,then left caliper,then right,then m/c again to get any last air out.give the m/c a tap whilst bleeding it to coax air up+out

  5. u00a33 syringe off eBay and a bit of tube

  6. As Jamie says mate (that’s what the workshop manual says) 10 pumps then hold it down, release nipple for 2-3 seconds, tighten nipple, release lever and pump again. Realistically probably half a res full of fluid per section (m/c, left cal, right cal, m/c) that should do it pal.
    Also check your line connection to make sure they are tight enough as if not will let air in and weep. Should be about 40nm.

  7. If your master cylinder has a bleed nipple crack that first and bleed the air out then do the callipers. I use a cheap one way valve on my bleed hose stops air getting back into system. Works well.

  8. It should take 15 minutes tops ,, no back bleeding or any tools ,,, take caliper off forks and hit all over with a mallet with nipple at highest point , put back on forks and bleed as normal , mate f spongy repeat,, you need to knock the bubbles off the inside walls of the caliper ud83eudd2b

  9. Stupid question are you shaking the brake fluid in the bottle before pouring into the reservoir

  10. Back bleed with syringe to get ya started and finish as normal. Then tie off the brake lever to force the last bit of air out…. simples

  11. use a vacuum pump

  12. Take calipers off (leave lines on) and hang from ceiling overnight

  13. It’s a bitch

  14. Hi I just done mine this evening with the help of my other half , I’ve not done breaks for a few years now but it only took us 15 minutes , easy. I can tell you how we did it if that helps ?

  15. This is my answer it’s an oil vacuum pump for changing car engine oil but it’s a five minute job bleeding the brakes with this stuck on the brake nipples

  16. I just tend to reverse bleed with a cheapo syringe, once theres a bit of pressure I then bleed normally then go for a ride and bleed again syringe is like a fiver and never fails me

  17. Yes done it the other day

  18. Best bit of kit you can ask for SO easy worth every penny

  19. Put the pipe on pump it till pressure then untighten it pump it keep fluid topped up until nice clear brakfliud did mine and my brothers bikes took around 45 mins both bikes to be done great bit of kit worth every penny

  20. Bring it to my workshop Monday morn and I’ll suck it thru in 5 mins. RSVP

  21. Check the reservoir tube? Bleed master first or it wont flow down to calipers? Good luck!

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