Best 09-14 R1 variants?


Question for the crossplane guys , what would be considered the best from the 09-14 variants ??

looking at trading up from a 5vy.

or would you skip for a 2cr.

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  1. Ive got the pre facelift i love it

  2. My advice skip to the 2cr I’ve had both and my 14 made me fall out of love with the r1 after owning every other model

  3. I previously own a 12 plate Big Bang and it was an amazing bike at the moment I have R1M and I’m jus in love with it, both have pros and cons but 2cr all day long u263aufe0fu263aufe0f

  4. I went back to a 5vy from a crossplane, I hated the way it rode. The 5vy is like putting an old pair of slippers back on, I love it

  5. I’ve a 14 plate Big Bang. Love it. So good as a road bike once you set it up to you. I’d test ride both before buying thou.

  6. I had 2009 then got the 2015 nothing like the 2009 miles better I have a 2018 now and it’s even better

  7. Now these are awesome

  8. Ive ridden both and can confirm the 2cr is the best. Both need remapping to sort the throttle. Big bangs are so snatchy and grunty that town riding is a nightmare

  9. I had a 5vy and so wanted to upgrade to a cross plane, waited for the 2cr to come out. Still wasn’t impressed so went to the s1000rr and never looked back

  10. 2cr or keep the 5vy

  11. Had an HP4 now own an R1M 2018 much better bike in my opinion with the exception of the brakes, 2018 onwards has revised electronics and fuelling, zero snatchyness from standard, just as smooth as the BMW, but the character of the 2CR engine on full chat is to die for and the handling is so much more connected! With the exception of the RSV4 factory it’s the best bike I’ve ridden, the Aprillia isn’t better just on Par!
    Unfortunately due to work reasons I need to let mine goud83dude22

  12. Got nothing yo compare it to as it’s my first 1000, but I love my 09. Yeah it’s fast and stupid for the roads but it isn’t crazy scary or rip your face off death machinery. I think it’s been really forgiving so far. Just over two years ownership now

  13. I have the 13 model and having owned many different R1’s before hand and ridden many other makes ie bmw, Ducati and Honda you have to get them set up. When I first got mine it was horrendous and felt like it just wanted to spit me off at any given opportunity but once I got the suspension set up and added a few bits I absolutely love it. I have ridden a 2cr which is far superior but for fear factor and the noise I’d be happy to keep the Big Bang

  14. Everyone has there own opinion which is best and does help,but at end of the day it’s how you ride and what is best for you, only way you will find out is to ride the bikes if you can. Me I’ve gone from 2002 5jj to 2010 big bang and love it had to do a phew adjustments ie tyres suspention ect but its suits me even more now

  15. I have a 2011 Big Bang and as this is my 1st R1 I’m really impressed with it.. love the sound and the grunt of the thing, can’t believe the the newer model is quicker I have seen on here that there is quite a difference! If i could of got a 2cR I would of

  16. If you can skip then do so but for me I won’t be letting my 09 go ever. Once the suspension was set up it was amazing. Town riding in wet power mode throttle is fine and then Full power mode for bonkers mode or standard for fast B road taming

  17. 2cr on the road is harsh as they are track focused and you dont get many miles to a tank so if i was to buy again id opt for the m for the electronic suspension alone.other than that its an awesome bike and unreal compared to my 4c8

  18. Skip to the 2cr if you can afford it !

  19. I use a 09 14b as a track bike, it’s plenty good enough for me,the 2cr has moved it on more with its more powerful engine and electronics now tho.!ud83cudfc1

  20. Get a 2cr you should be able to find one at a decent price up until February. I love my 09 14b but it feels sluggish and slow compared to my 18 plate 2cr

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