Decent chain lube for R1


Can anyone advise me on a decent chain lube. Currently use muck off dry chain lube. Bikes not used in wet conditions

Decent chain lube for R1

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  1. WD-40 makes a good set of cleaner and lube

  2. I’ve tried loads of different ones and found this one is the best

  3. This is what Ive always used never had any problems and get it from j&s as a kit with a chain brush

  4. WD40 motorcycle chain lube, first used it a few years ago and love it, dosent fling at all, can sometimes pick it up in Aldi for u00a36ish

  5. I use this have done for years really good stuff

  6. Wurth dry lube

  7. A magical question with 5000 answers

  8. Any old shit, they’re all good, they all fling, they all work well.

  9. Save wasting your money on gimmicks, just use gear oil

  10. Bought some motul with the chain brush cheers for the help guys

  11. Love the Terimgoni exhaust. I fitted full race titanium to mine.

  12. Motul clear chain lube

  13. ud83dude0dLove the cans ud83dude0d

  14. Pj1 blue label is the best I’ve ever used, hardly flicks off, lasts well, lubes well.
    Hard to get hold of.

  15. Dont use gear oil, it goes fucking everywhere I use unicorn piss it smells like strawberries

  16. Honesty any well know chain lube will do you just fine, muck off, motul, chain monkey, dtx, the list goes on. It’s more about when you apply it… do it when the chain is warm after a ride, the links will have expanded abit and the lube will penetrate the links better, if you do it when the chain is cold it’s more likely to just sit on top of links/pins and fling all over the place

  17. I put a scotoiler on mine so never have to worry about it, rain or shine

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