The battery in my 17 husky 501 is toast


Welp. The battery in my 17 husky 501 is toast. What are your battery recommendations on a long term replacement? EarthX? Shorai? AntiGravity?

The battery in my 17 husky 501 is toast

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  1. Earth x get the best and you’re done

  2. My shorai has been good to me.

  3. Shorai had it a year and left the key on 2 times and it came back to life both times

  4. Shoria Still uses those stupid little nuts that’s why I went to antigravity

  5. Earth x as can use any battery tender on it was a huge factor for me

  6. Batteries plus 35 bucks

  7. Shorai nearly 5 yrs and just as strong as new.

  8. Shorai, simply the best

  9. My earthX didnt last a year, same with my buds. Garbage.. super light but garbage.
    Almost 3 seasons on my cheap 40 dollar lead acid cheapy

  10. I’ve had great lunch out of my earth x

  11. If you have a bike with no kickstart like many these days i don’t know why you would go with anything other than an antigravity restart. Not to say other brands aren’t as good a batteries or better but having a battery that won’t let itself go below the critacl low voltage is what is needed now with any e start only bike.

  12. Thanks for all the input. Ordered an antigravity due to not having a kickstarter on my bike. Cca are still more then the 2 year old battery that came in my bike.

  13. Anti gravity for sure

  14. ABA… anything but Anti-Gravity. So far I am liking my Bosch battery.

  15. Anti gravity on my 17 501. Left key on, battery was dead ,removed seat and pushed button started right up!

  16. EBay – I’ve tried all the expensive lithium and $ off eBay and I’ve no complaints for any of my bikes.

  17. Cycle Gear Mega Boost, just plain old reliable, and warrantied, lead battery.

  18. Antigravity w/ Restart Tech.

  19. Shorai has not let me down in 3 years. It has sat for months and starts right up.

  20. Anti gravity.

  21. Currently trying out the wps lithium battery it works very well so far haha

  22. On the question about batteries. I know if a FI 4 strokes battery completely dies on the trail it won’t get you home because it has to have enough juice to run fuel pump. Bike alone will not keep it running even if you use kick start. Had this happen to 2bikes on same day. My question is is the 2T TPI the same way if it’s battery is completely dead on the trail? Buddy made some kind of little battery pack he can use Incase of emergency. But it won’t start the bike. It just gives it enough juice to run fuel pump. If they have taken away kick start then that is another hurdle to figure out

  23. Anti Gravity has been great for me

  24. If you’re going to run a lithium, you’d do well to get a specific lithium charger. The Mfgers say it doesn’t matter …but it does. I’ve cooked an earth- x .

  25. Second Shorai died on me. I use EarthX now.

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