Allen head screw on power valve


I have question about this Allen head screw on power valve.i have changed the spring from grey to yellow and it still seems to be pretty mellow.i have read where some people adjust a screw from flush to flush and a turn in.mine seems to be tightened all the way down although I have not tried to turn it question is what dat do?­čś│

 Allen head screw on power valve

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  1. Preload adjuster. Most start with flush with the case.

  2. More spring pressure or less.

  3. It’s not Allen need proper tool back out to loosen spring rate more power

  4. I have mine 2 turns in from flush

  5. Thanks for reply.

  6. That’s far from all the way in. It goes much further in.

  7. If you want it aggressive you need the red spring yellow is medium green is mello.. if you turn the power valve counterclockwise it gets more aggressive

  8. I have the little KTM tool if you want it. Just cover the shipping and it’s yours.

  9. Lol just twist it, play with the pv and screw

  10. Tighter the power valve the lesser the hit.

  11. Turn it out flush..

  12. Thanks for all the help

  13. A torx bit fits it

  14. Red and flush is your friend.

  15. What model ktm is this on

  16. Flush is wild. In is mild

  17. The "bolt" requires a Robertson wrench but you can use a flat blade screw driver.

  18. 1 u00bd turns in from flush is roughly stock.
    Start there with yellow or red then turn out u00bd turn to add more ‘hit’.
    u00bd turn to 1 u00bd turns is a good range.

  19. Kreft makes a cool tool too that works good

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