I should be running it at 60:1?


So I'm new to the euro bike scene and two-strokes in general so go EZ on me lol. Just picked up my first euro bike 2016 husqvarna te125 it's also my first two-stroke. Love it so far! Just a few questions tho..

Any way to get the speedometer to light up at night? It displays the numbers but will only light up for a few seconds when a button is pressed.

And 60:1 is what the manual says to run it at.. I've always have been told that's really lean. I've been running it at 40:1 and it drips oil out of the exhaust. I'm guessing I should be running it at 60:1? Just wanna make sure before I blow my bike up lol (first two-stroke I've owned so don't roast me if this is a dumb question)

Also this is probably an even dumber question but my front brake rubs and it seems like something minor and probably wouldn't bother a lot of people but it bothers the hell out of me lol. I've greased the slide pins and some other stuff but does anyone have any ideas?

I should be running it at 60:1?

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  1. 60:1 is correct and u will give urself issues running 40:1.
    See if the brake disc is warped… Not fully sure what u mean by rubbing, pads alway touch the disc, if its not releasing properly, clean ur caliper pistons and bleed ur brake too

  2. I’ve always followed the recommendations on the bottle of oil. If you run the recommended in the manual, the same ratio should be on the bottle of oil.

  3. You should have bought a 4 stroke and removed 2 of the strokes that is the way to get a lighter faster 2 stroke.

  4. My 2016 KTM manual states that the 125 and 150 models are 40:1. It says 60:1 for the bigger bikes.

  5. I have the same bike and there a small battery in the speedometer it self maybe u need a new one

  6. What ever the manual says for the ratio, that’s what you do.
    My Husky has a little pull knob to turn on the lights. Never ridden it at night so I don’t know does that affects anything

  7. That bike isn’t oil injected?

  8. Stick with what your manual says. I have a 08 ktm 450 and I follow what the manual says and I bought it new . Original piston and still going. Ktm/husky are amazing and last if you follow the manual.

  9. Lots of things contribute to 2 stroke oil ratio, what oil you use and riding style being a big part. Oil running out the exhaust though, definitely too much 2 stroke.

  10. Also any aftermarket seat suggestions? Guy before me broke the tab on the seat.

  11. I always mix mine 32:1 better to know your getting adequate lubrication

  12. The more oil you use …the leaner the mixture. More oil in a mixture means less fuel.

  13. Looks like a husky 250

  14. I always a run a quality oil at 50:1 seems to be good. Easier to work out as well 100ml/5L of fuel

  15. I run 50:1 and that is safe but still doesn’t foul plugs when off the pipe. I even get a small amount of spooge out the pipe after a couple hours of riding

  16. Just so you know, the more oil you run, the leaner the combustion is.
    Contrary to popular opinion.

    Oil doesn’t burn, so your air/fuel ratio becomes leaner as you add more two stroke oil.

    Strange, but true.

  17. The amount of oil you run depends on the oil you use, all oils are slightly different in viscosity and how they mix. The manual says 60:1 because motorex is their sponser and that specific oil requires 60:1

  18. nice bike, stick to manual, 40 to 1 was 30yrs ago

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