Tenere 700 saddlebags and a rear rack


Big question. Looking into saddlebags and a rear rack.

What's your setup guys?

I like the Kriega OS platform and OS-22 saddlebags as the platform is not expensive and not as wide as the OEM saddle panniers. Does anyone have experience with this setup? And are they okay when you ride with a passenger? Do they fit with some rear rack?

I've also been looking into the Outback Motortek saddle panniers. But not sure with what saddlebags they fit – I saw they fit with the Enduristan bags, but they are really wide.

And finally the rear rack. I would love to have something that's easily put on for basic city rides but could be combined with saddlebags on bigger adventures.


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  1. Just fitted outback motortech with giantlopp bags. They fit really well. Also half the price of the enduristan ones!

  2. Adv spec rear rack and side panniers/ enduristan blizzard L and a normal dry sack on the rear If needed.
    Mosko moto nomad tank bag

  3. I did the tusk setup 533 with bags rack system and rear rack

  4. SW Motech racks so I can either run the Wolfman Rocky Mountain soft panniers or the SW Motech Trax ADV hard boxes.

  5. Mosko Moto reckless 80 and SW Motech rear rack.

  6. I’m Mosko Moro r80 also, can’t fault it

  7. Mosko Moto Reckless 80 are perfect and You don’t need racks

  8. Andy straps pannier racks and bags, b&b rear rack

  9. Mine is cheap and simple I use this and a tank bag

  10. Kriega OS 18 and Enduristan tank bag. No rack and haven’t tried with a passenger yet.

  11. Andy Strapz go for light weight quality. You don’t need heavy rear crash bars!

  12. Andy Strapz comes with light weight carriers

  13. Gen yam rack & Andy straps bags

  14. I have the yamaha panniers, what rack will fit without fouling the yamaha pannier racks? I use a normal roll sack on the rear seat with ratchet straps, but would be great to free up some room for a pillion.

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