Tank bags for Tenere 700


What tank bags have worked for you?

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Answers ( No )

  1. I like my Enduristan 4H

  2. Givi EA110B Works perfect

  3. Following. Was gonna ask the same question other day. They’re all mega bucks though

  4. Givi bags work well and easy lockable on off.

  5. Enduristan 4H

  6. Giant loop Fandango. Perfect fit

  7. SWmotech – City

  8. I’m thinking Mosko nomad right now

  9. SW Motech Enduro L

  10. Tank bags are annoying.

  11. I have bought a tankbag from Motea. Quiet cheap. And than I have put some foam on the bottom of the bag. Finally I have cut a hole into the foam, where the gas cap fits in. Now the bag sits perfect and can not move – because the cap holds it.

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