Tenere 700 Tank Bag recommend?


Can someone recommend a Tank Bag!?

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  1. Enduristan sandstorm 4H

  2. Fandango from giant loop fits the tank form and function. But I also use the Nomad from Mosko Moto

  3. SW-Motech has a superior system for attaching tank bags.

    I have chosen two different bags that I use with all of my bikes.

    The smallest one even allows me to ride standing up.

    I will post three pics, the first one is just the locking ring that is mounted to the bike.

    Note that there are many more SW-Motech bags to choose from and they also offer a variant with an electric connector i side the bag that connects through the tank ring.

  4. Giant Loop Fandango or Diablo..nothing else

  5. Bagster Easyroad + your favorite bagster bag

  6. Did you consider using the search function and reading comments from the 1000 other times this has been asked?

  7. Every tank bag with belts will work fine. The only thing that disturbs is the fuel cap. It is built to high. But you can solve this problem easily: Just put some foam under the bottom of your bag and cut a hole into the foam, where the fuelcap fits perfectly in. Than the bag will rest on the whole tank, and it wonu00b4t move. Because the fuelcap holds it. I use this one. https://www.motea.com/de/tankrucksack-ducati-supersport-900-ss-medium-9ltr-inkl-befestigung-von-bagtecs-155260-0

  8. SW Motech EVO and EVO tank ring.

  9. I like my Wolfman. It will fit 2 medium sized Gatoraids.

  10. Doesn’t even say what capacity he wants.

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