Tenere 700 heated grips.


I need to get some heated grips. Open to your recommendations. I hear the OEM's are not ideal. Also since I'm about 172 cm 5ft 8 in, I had the lowering kit installed. I would like to also get the lower seat from Yamaha but it seems impossible to order at this time. Anyone know of a lower aftermarket seat? I really like the current two-part seat system.

Tenere 700 heated grips.

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  1. While I would not recommend it, I pulled the cover off my stock seat, cut 1 1/4" out of it, did a bit of reshaping and then stapled the cover back on. It is working out fine and I will replace with a Seat Concepts low comfort seat when the are available

  2. I have the Oxford adventure heated grips they fit properly without the daft extension rings and I have mine lowered with the lowering links and lowered seat it keeps the standard rear half of the seat so I don’t understand what you mean

  3. Oxford Adventure grips on mine and work a treat.

  4. I have the Yamaha low seat and it is just the front section. Got it from my dealer

  5. Koso Apollo grips are fantastic.

  6. I install Oxfords on all my bikes.

  7. wait for Seat Concepts to release their seat: Yamaha T700 – Two Piece Comfort – Low

  8. I have Yamaha heated grips and are not good. Even on full they are barely warm. They accelerator side had to be replaced but Yamaha did not want to, it took a lot of arguing for a few weeks to get them to do it under warranty. But I cannot recommend them on performance as they don’t work

  9. I am very happy with the Yamaha heated grips. Dealer told me that the grips have 3 different installation settings depending on size of bike which some people don’t correctly set.

  10. I have Oxford Adventure heated grips and love them. I’ve never heard anyone complain about them. Some people like the OEM heated grips, some complain they’re weak, some say they’re not set correctly, then some of the complainers affirm theirs are set properly… No one seems to compain about Oxfords though.

  11. I changed my rally seat to the spilt low seat. It’s almost perfect for me now. I prefer the split seat too, as the main seat is bolted, so if the cable was to break, I’d still feel secure in the knowledge my seat cannot come loose.

  12. Oxford grips.
    Easy install
    Excellent product

  13. Anyone used Whites Heated grips? My mechanic said he’s using them now in preference to Oxford and they are both more reliable and neater? Wondered if anyone has used them?

  14. Oxford Adventure heated grips. I’ve got the low seat myself and like it. Haven’t installed the lowering links 28′ inseam at 5’8′ short.

  15. I’m happy with my genuine Yamaha grips, as above make sure they have been set correctly for the engine size (there’s 3 settings depending on engine size) a lot neater control then Oxford, don’t have to have a box sticking up!

  16. Update…I had ordered the low seat I think sometime in August so by the time I made this post I was thinking my order somehow didn’t get processed. Happy to say it finally came in. Got it yesterday at the Yamaha dealer, went for a long ride and it was just what i needed on the extra reach to the ground ­čÖé

  17. oxford they are wider than yam ones and work.

  18. Oxford Adventure grips…no question.

  19. Oxford Premium Adventure hands down.

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