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Follow the factory break in recommendations for the first 600 mile? Yes or No?

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  1. Just don’t hold it at a constant speed for any duration and don’t hold it wide open

  2. High way for long distance not really good

  3. https://youtu.be/u74jYkItdD8

    This is what I plan to do. Initially short period of time riding, let it cool some, vary rpm, don’t thrash it but also don’t lug it. Essentially mixed riding with a few stops in the first few miles to let it cool.

  4. Those engines coming out brandnew from the factory are already broken into.

    They made you believe that it will be you who broke it in.

    If it was a rebuilt with new piston and new sleeves would be a different story.

  5. Read the instructions carefully and brake in the engine as close to the instructions as you can, they are not broken in when they leave the factory.

    There was a real change in the way my engine was running somewhere between 500 km and 600 km, like everything sort of settled in the engine and it started to run really smooth.

    I followed the instructions and I’m glad I did, because now I have a really smooth running engine that doesn’t take any extra oil between changes.

    Not following the instructions from Yamaha is just plain stupid.

  6. Run it like you own it for the first 600 then after the first service run it like you stoled it.

  7. Take it easy during the first 600 miles. Let everything to settle u00e1nd"get used to" work as a team.

  8. Follow the instructions in your manual. You read your manual, right?

  9. 1000 km and gave it a new pro filter and Liqui-moly 10-40 synthetic . Purrs like a kitten and smooth as butter.

  10. Yes. Despite what the ‘world’ experts say on this forum.

  11. Followed the instructions.
    Unlike cars, motorcycles are not factory broken in.

  12. It’s 600 mile. Why risk it. Break it in and then get it serviced. Or rag the fuck out of it and ‘potentially’ break it?

  13. Correct, those are your only options.

  14. I followed the Yamaha instructions had it serviced at 600 miles I’ve now done 4000 miles in around 2 months runs like a dream

  15. Why would anyone want to ignore the advice of the engineers who build the thing and put many thousands of hours doing testing.

  16. Complete rebuild on my ktm and I don’t run it in bar treating it with mechanical sympathy for a while. Got my thinking why a new engine should be any different.

  17. Why would you do anything but follow what the manufacturer advises?
    If for no other reason when something breaks down you can put your hand on your heart and say yes Mr Yamaha I broke it in as per the manufacturers specification

  18. Idling and light loads is the worst thing you can do. Reving it to the moon is the 2nd worst. Lots of short bursts of mid range acceleration will give plenty of cylinder pressure to force the rings into the cylinder walls and give them the best chance of bedding in. (Which isn’t a million miles away from manufacturers recommendation anyway). Or just go enjoy your favourite B road and please don’t idle for long.

  19. I trust the engineers who built it. I follow their recommendations. Not some random dude on youtube. This isn’t hard and has been beaten to death over the years.

  20. Absolutely. Judging by the amount of fine metallic content in the oil after the first 1000kms, the recommended break in procedure is quite necessary. 😉

  21. No. Of course I know far more about engines than the people who designed and built it.. Doh!

  22. Always. Six yams. All property run in. Over 100k not one problem

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