Tank slap/speed wobble on the KTM 1090R


Can Anybody tell me why I get a tank slap/speed wobble on the Ktm 1090R – it starts at 180kmh . Is this the TKC 80 or another problem?

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  1. TKC…..that’s the issue. Just put it on and 180 it gets loose. With a MT90 Scorpion i can hold it at 260 no problem

  2. Could be as simple as tyre pressure

  3. Had the problem twice,, both times wheel balancing was the answer

  4. Minor oscillations increase with speed and adding to each other cause the speed wobble. It’s usually wheel balancing but you should try and move your body on the seat to see if it improves or get worse. In this case it may be that the suspensions are not properly set with the weight and/or centre of gravity in not optimal position. Usually moving the weight backwards shows improvements. Furthermore it can be determined by the way the handlebars are held. With the increase of speed we tend to hold the bars tight, therefore your arms don’t absorb vibrations as they should increasing the oscillations. A study shows that increasing the front tyre’s pressure reduces wobbling in some instances. Finally it’s often heard that you should accelerate in case of a wobble, that’s wrong in most cases and can have bad consequences. The best option is to slow down holding the bike firmly between your knees.

  5. Those tires are only rated for 160. The 21” front wheel doesn’t help at those speeds either. I put a 20W fork oil in my steering damper which helped calm down the front end of my 1290R a lot though.

  6. TKC is more of a dirt road Tyre not really a road tyre and definitely not for high speed, Maybe change the tyres to a bit more road tyre.

  7. Continental TKC 80, 110/80 B 19 (Front) and 150/70 B 17 (Rear). Both were tubeless, H-rated tires with a maximum speed rating of 99 mph (160 kph). There is your answer.

    I had Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2 on my 1190 and could easily go to 250+ with no issues. For the adventure Rally I fitted TKC70’s with a T rating (190km/h) and it starts jiggling on the road from around 170km/h. Definitely not for land speed attack records but an excellent on/off-road tire.

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