Kawasaki Versys Overflow of Oil Problem


Helo all, can anyone tell me if this is normal?, noticed overflow of oil since my last service, never happened before.


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  1. I think its overflow fuel tube. Did you fill up the fuel tank to much ?

  2. Hold your bike upright off the stand and check. You got the glass on the side. If that’s fine then totally agree with comment above. HOWEVER…. On my 2010 model I had a massive amount of oilnin my airbox. (There is a tube at the bottom connecting into the engine casing. Long story short. I over filled. It is possible to mid calculate. Human error does happen.

  3. Fuel is at 3 bars, so I doubt it’s the fuel, engine oil is also at the right level, the oil is greenish so I am thinking its coming from the coolant ?, coolant slightly above the mark.

  4. This is the tube for coolant, is normal, do not worry, all other versys at malaysia has this.

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