Taking a trip to Atlanta by 600RR


On the morning of Sept 29th 2017, I am taking a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. This trip is going to be an emotional roller coaster. i am going to see an 11 yr old little girl. yes, this 11 yr old little girl is my daughter. The DNA tests results came back on Wed. As many of you know my CBR600RR has 144,000 miles on it. so i am pre trip planning and finding out who is on my way to ATL. i am taking I40 thru Arkansas, then taking I22 southeast to I20. I20 will finish me up and drop me in ATL. if you are close to my route, please let me know and how to contact you. thank you in advance,

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  1. Ok. So I am going to be a huge dick head right now. You are going to see your child for the 1st time and you are riding a bike? Why not take a car so that you may be able to take your daughter to lunch or spend time with her somewhere. This isn’t a time for you to make a sightseeing trip to stop and meet fellow 600rr riders. Maybe I am reading too deep into this. I just know there are father’s like myself that have had to bust ass to see our children when the court systems screw us.

    • It doesn’t sound to me like sight seeing… it sounds to me like he is looking for a hand in case something happens… he will be a long way out of town on a bike with high mileage… no need in the whole dick head reaction

    • Why on his bike and not a car? Why take the chance of breaking down in the 1st place?

    • to enlighten everyone….i have a 2000 ford excursion that was getting a coyote motor put on it. the shop i used, had an employee that decided to take it for a joy ride and ended up hottong a telephone pole. so i have beem in a legal battle for almost a yr now. the DA told me that if i take the excursion, i assume responsibility to repair it. so currentlt my bike is all i have to ride. explained well enough

  2. Wow, that’s gonna be a grueling trip,,,especially going back. Have you thought about renting a car?

  3. I am right off i40 outside Memphis. I am still recovering from surgery however, if something happens near here let me know I can perhaps get a buddy to help you.

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