Riding Motorcycles Without Any Protection


I am confused what is it with all these guys out on bikes ride around with shorts I’ve even seen a couple today with sandals.

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  1. The most dangerous part of a motorcycle is the nut holding onto the bars

  2. they just havent learned that ALLLL important life lesson…lookin ” cool ” is for IDIOTS.
    let them donate MEAT to the Asphalt Demons…they’l wise up fairly soon…

  3. I know two in my Chapter that wear shorts regularly.

  4. That is usually a metric bike thing, at least it is around here.

  5. No down here well Illinois up here depending on where you at they’re riding with short s*** I’ve been down in Tennessee and seeing it

  6. Always dress for laying her down!

  7. It’s fuckin hot an shit

  8. not as hot as the way your leg will feel as you SCRAAAAPE down the freeway on it….
    and then spend the next 3 months pickin little infected rocks n shitt outta the giant pussey scabb…

  9. I do what I want…. Fuck what you think

  10. its all good…happy pikkin…lol

  11. You guys seem to worry about a rider wearing shorts, but you don’t wear a helmet!!!! Beats me

  12. nothin in MY head to hurt…lol
    have a good day guys..the suns out..rooma-ZOOOM…lol

  13. The word your looking for is stupid. Sorry make that fucking stupid.

  14. The what to wear Gods have spoken!

  15. We. need the room!

  16. Call it what ya want, guilty of wearing shorts from time to time. I bet most of these people saying dress for the slide stop soon as they cross into a state without helmet laws and take theirs off. The point of riding a bike is the freedom, stop worrying about how I spend mine.

  17. Halter tops and boobs bouncing, what more could one ask for!!

  18. They are fucen twinkies that raise our insurance rates

  19. Laugh at a yuppie day I think

  20. You gotta love the freedom of choice. I dress for the slide not the ride. But it’s all up to the rider.

  21. Cause it’s America and it’s hot!.

  22. What about shorts, flipflops, no shirt and smoking.

  23. What about your short sleeve shirt and no gloves? Your arms and hands are just as important. Don’t bitch about dress for slide until you wear full leathers head to toe in August 100°+

  24. Been wearing shorts, a helmet and gloves for 35 years. Sandals, fk no!

  25. ORGAN DONORS. A few months ago I took a trip to Montana to the Going To The Sun Highway. Weather was great in Montana but was raining in Southern Alberta, Canada when we left home. Montana has no Compulsory Helmet Law like Canada so it was kinda refreshing to see plenty of riders bare headed. towards the end of our drive, i saw a guy on a Heritage wearing shorts and a Wife Beater, Nike Runners (no Socks), no helmet and smoking Whilst riding AND TEXTING.

  26. Why is there so much worry about what others wear and why do you always hear you are going to go down . Isnt positive better like shinny side up rubber down ride safe . Same as if you wear a helmet what do you care if others dont doesnt make you right . So with that hope ya all are safe and enjoy your ride

  27. So what? You have nothing better to do than judge how people dress? We all take chances every fucking day… RIDE YOUR OWN RIDE!

  28. hopefully they had shorts on with their sandals

  29. It’s all fun and games until you go sliding 30 feet down the pavement

  30. Who gives a shit… go cry in a corner

  31. Sadly, those naked riders we’re all talking about can also breed and vote. Killing or maiming yourself is your business. But if you’re that stupid and making life decisions and determining our country’s leadership, well, that bothers me…a lot!

  32. Do what ya want! Some bikers probably think I’m a dick for always wearing a helmet, but that’s OK.

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