1000RR Too Bad About That


So just tested out a cbr1000rr for the first time to see if i want to buy it and i really wasnt very happy with the results ? so i loved everything but the turning part and the pain from the center of my palms from my weight (tried holding my back up but its just different than my old r6) is it normal for it to be hard/awkward to turn at slow speed (no throttle) cuz ive ridden many bikes and this is the first i feel that.. and i thought the r6 was bad on my palms but this one was worse lol

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  1. What year? And the reason it feels weird to turn at low speed is the hesd electronic dampener

  2. Its a 05 with almost 25k miles

  3. 2016 I feel is the best bike they have done yet!! Next to an RC51

  4. Did you check the front tire pressure?

  5. Only one reason – Age

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