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So, considering a T700…here’s my question – I weigh 210lbs…based on your experience, what kind of suspension work would I need to do to support my weight and travel gear(soft panniers/tent/etc)…can the bike do that deal…or should I just consider moving to a larger bike like a SuperT? Anticipating 50/50 road to dirt use with some longer road hauls. TIA

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  1. I’ve sold my S10 for the T7 very happy this far although I am getting quotes for the suspension. Pretty much any bike will need suspension setup for individuals weight and extra luggage.

  2. In another group someone pointed to a known UK aftermarket shop who sells 95Nm springs for sub-100u00a3 I believe that apparently addresses your concern.

  3. On most pages, for instance OTR, you can choose your weight and order spring for you and your luggage, or you can put inserts above your springs in forks

  4. Have a look on youtube at the MAD TV T7 suspension videos they have up and you will find some great information and answers to your questions

  5. Two questions…
    Has anyone deternined how many miles you have once the gas light starts to blink?
    At what temperature will the high temp light come on?

  6. I just purchased the stiffer spring for my weight. Haven’t put it on yet.


  7. I am 225…buy one and ride.

  8. 5mm spacer from K-TECH in the forks gives me the correct sag in the fork and a 70nm shock spring from K-TECH on the back gives me all the adjustment i need for just me, 88kg, and fully loaded with gear. For what this bike is designed for i think its good enough. If you want to ride it harder then there are some (expensive) options.

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