Wind protection on T7


Hi everyone! I have a question regarding wind protection on T7 – how is it for feet, knees and down part of body? Especially on higher speeds?

I know protection of chest, shoulders and head much depends on the windscreen and this can be changed but T7 being so slim I wonder how's it from chest down.

Hope this isn't stupid question, I'm considering buying T7 but don't really have a chance to test it beforehand. Now I ride Kawa Versys 650 and it has decent wind protection.

Thanks for answers.

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  1. Done 4000 miles on mine, I’m 5,10 – even at 90mph it’s brill on wind protection – especially if u tuck ur legs in tight to the bike!

  2. My lateral wind protections

  3. You are good protected but it is not a touring bike

  4. I wear goretex pants and leather riding boots when I ride, so it’s hard to judge, but no issues at freeway speeds, only spent an hour or two in rain so far, but seemed to be pretty decent. No noticeable pressure on lower body at ridiculous speeds if that is what you are worried about.

  5. Great wind protection … tuck your knees in and get a extender on top of screen or a taller screen .
    Bike stable on motorway upto 80 mph ( obviously iv not gone faster) Bike is great

  6. I just spent 5 years on a 650 versys and picked up my tenere 700 in June. No comparison, the yamaha is superior in every way in my opinion.
    Wind protection is very similar, handling is better on the t7, little quicker feeling and obviously miles better offroad.

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