From the f trip on the new T7


Most likely a question that has been asked a million times, but from the f trip on the new T7 do you expect to get another 100 kms?

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Answers ( No )

  1. No way. Maybe 80

  2. From 60 to 70

  3. Best to fill up before then. I have done 80kms but worried about running out

  4. I had 80 then ran out.

  5. My dealer said when I have the f trip I have 20 kms. Except that every time I’m going to a gas station I only put 11L in the tank.

  6. On our lastvtrip me and my friends bike showed that by approx 200k. As a swede I count liter /10k of old habit. 10k is 1 mil here.

  7. 104km to be exact before I ran out of fuel

  8. 70 km was maximum so far and didn’t run out of gas

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