Single power meter or dual power meter?


Single power meter or dual power meter? Which one to get? Does it really matter?

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  1. Are you fast?

  2. Eduardo, your correct it doesn't matter the time for a power meter is when the professional team you race for issues one to you.

  3. Not so fast. It matters to some of us. For example I have several gun shot wounds on my right thigh, that use to be my stronger leg, so it's important to me because I tend to compensate for that leg since I'm missing a bit of muscle tissue. So dual side power is important to me so that I make sure I push evenly on both sides and I don't cheat myself. But other wise I don't think so.

  4. I'm sorry for your injury. I agree, we all have different metrics for how we all need to succeed. I agree since I've been through my own injury and scarring. My opinion says just make sure to keep chasing that guy in front of you and once you can keep pace, then once you make the pace, then you know your power meter worth. Buy a better lighter wheelset or something that makes you feel faster. Note, I live in florida so hills are a different exponent. I do agree with your coment tho….

  5. If you get a single side and do all of your testing and training on single side you will never know the difference. I run a single and occasionally use a trainer that doesn't measure it from the crank and it has always been close enough that I can't tell a difference. Sometimes I would like to know if Im pedaling equally but I can usually feel when Im way off. I use Stages single sided and it works well. There are tons of really good reviews on the dc rainmaker website.

  6. Your question isn't clear. Single sided power meters can be appropriate for riders so long as those riders understand that normal left/right imbalances can make single sided power measurements less accurate. Power meters that measure total power tend to be more accurate and have been the standard for the industry for years. They are also available at reasonable prices (Check out Power2Max's NG Eco series). Dual side power meters—i.e. power meters that resolve the power output and possible the force applied by each leg–are sort of new in the market. It's not entirely clear how that extra data can be used to improve training.

    What's best for you is going to be driven by your needs and expectations.

  7. I would think it would matter. My right leg has always been stronger than my left so having a dual power meter I'd be able to work on both more efficiently.

  8. I've been using a dual Pioneer for a couple of years. Enjoy it both indoors and out. If I was buying now I'd get single leg such as Stages. I don't think the extra info is worth the money imho. Don't have time really while riding to check the detail. If I was competitive maybe I would after a ride, but usually I just briefly look at the data for the two legs, note that, as usual it was a 48-52% split and move on. But I do like the overall power info for usual reasons: it provides better measure of work than say hr.

  9. Garmin pedals.. so clean and sexy

  10. Garmin vector 3 easy to pair and calibrate.
    If you want to improve in base of power, buy it.
    I have fun looking at the numbers on my trainer and my rides. There's a little difference between the Kickr and the garmin.
    There is not a lot of difference in single or dual power meter (as an amateur)

  11. Just ordered a stages left sided power meter for my Caad 12. Basically a power meter is a pacing tool, and even amateur cyclists can benefit from it.

  12. Working in a shop I have to say the best trouble free power we use is quark even the old ones work like a charm,
    Stages are great if your on a strict budget but constant water/battery issues
    Pioneers are good but very finicky and seem to be hit and miss
    Rotor is a good one
    Pedals are great but have there own issues
    Powertape hubs are heavy.

    But I agree buy a dual sided one if your going to do it.

  13. Personally I don't know what I'd do with truly independent l/r power.

    I have a p2m (measures at the spider) and a 4iiii (single side) and whilst I prefer the p2m both work fine as a training tool.

  14. I love my Quarqs!

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