Pressure for 26*1.95 wheels during winter?


Hello everybody, what’s the proper tire pressure for 26*1.95 wheels during winter? Thank you all.

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  1. Loaded question
    What's the recommendation on the sidewall?
    Are you riding roads or off-road?
    Sand? Mud? Snow? Groomed singletrack?

  2. depends on the tire itself look at the sidewall

  3. Also depends if you're tubeless or not. On snow you probably want to maximise contact area… So I'd say as low as you can go…

  4. 65Pps if it blows it blows.

  5. My Ice Spikers say 50-55 max – I thry to run them a little less – but depending on the consitions….

  6. To qualify… As low as you can go within spec…for snow

  7. The first question in tire pressure is how much does the load weigh? Also how is it distributed. Unlikely both front and rear tire should be the the same.

  8. The recommended pressure range is printed on (or sometimes molded into) the side of the tire. Since this is the range the tire was designed and engineered for, it's probably not going to perform as well at other pressures.The exception is if you're using the tire for something it *wasn't* designed for, like sand or deep mud.

  9. Sometimes more…sometimes less. What I'm riding on determines that. I'm no expert on exact tire pressure, but I have less air when I need a bit more grip.

  10. If you have a heavy load or want more grip, having lower psi can be nice, otherwise pump it up so you have an easier push/more distance per push.

  11. Seriously. .what the temperature

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