Are these any better than caliper brakes?


Question on disc brakes!

I’m looking for a budget bike and see many options for mechanical disc brakes (as a standard feature).

– Are these any better than caliper brakes?
– would it be worthwhile to search for low end bike with hydraulic brakes instead (understanding these would add to the price)?

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Answers ( No )

  1. They all have their quarks. Go with what you want. I have 2 bikes with disc, a low end and a higher end. If they get dirty they get moody.

  2. Disc brakes are the best. They have more stopping power, brake on a smaller distance and work better when wet or muddy.
    I find mechanical brakes easier to fix in the field but hydraulics are more sensitive.

  3. I love hydraulics over mechanical. No more tired and strained fingers after a long downhill….

  4. Yes they are. They stop better and you still have a brake if you damage the rim. They also dont fade as quickly. Buy hyd not mechanical,

  5. Is this a bike with flat bars and MTB shifters?
    If so, it's pretty cheap to upgrade the brakes to hydraulic later. Shimano have some incredibly good hydraulic brakes at the Deore level and below that are priced very economically.

  6. there are also brakes that are hydraulic but are cable actuated, so you don't have to replace your levers with expensive hydraulic levers…

  7. I have a specialized crosstrail that came with cable disc breaks and I switched them to hydraulic best upgrade I have made.

  8. I would definitely go for mechanical disc brakes over caliper brakes. If the bike has mechanical disc brakes then you know it's compatible with Hydraulic disc brakes so you could upgrade in the future

  9. Cheapest hydraulic kit is what about $55 so it's not expensive to add later, but yes I would factor it in when shopping for bike with or without

  10. try and get the shimano m425 kit — cheap and very effective

  11. Unless you are a retro style freak…discs are the future. My best bike has mechanical discs…they're not as powerful as hydraulics and can fade and they need regular adjustment… But its easy. I have hydraulics on my mtbs and cx…and they are just the best. But two tips: hydraulics are usually self adjusting but this will only work properly with really good quality pads… And manufacturers own aren't always the best. Secondly be really careful when cleaning and lubing your bike to mask off the discs and brakes… Especially with sprays. If you contaminate discs or pads with lube at best you get squeal and at worse brake failure. Regularly de-grease discs and pads with a proper disc degreasant. Pads are a breeze to replace but wear nitrile gloves when doing so to keep them clean. HYRD brakes are a fantastic innovation…especially for cx bikes.. But a friend of mine has had issues…and there was a product recall on earlier versions.

  12. Hydraulic disc brakes are the best,but you can get by with mechanical as well

  13. Avid BB7 and decent levers, properly installed with good cables, work 90% as good as the best hydraulic brakes. Also, they are not affected by temperature and MUCH easier to fix on the trail.

  14. There's no difference between disc and caliper if both are set up correctly. The only difference is that caliper is weaker with carbon rims, especially in the wet. All grand tour riders have caliper and carbon rims, so go figure. (actually, they may have carbon and ceramic rims, which are superior to carbon only rims).

  15. Best mechanical disc brakes are TRP Spyre. I have them on my CX bike – they are great.

  16. I have both but I like mechanical

  17. Hydro disk>mechanical disk>rim brakes

  18. To answer your questions: discs offer increased stopping power and better modulation than rims. As Donnie Kendrick points out, hydraulics are way better than mechanicals, but mechanicals are way better than caliper brakes.

    The big problem with mechanical discs is keeping them adjusted. They can be finicky, but the adjustment process isn't that hard to learn and once you learn it. it's not very hard to do.

    If were on a limited budget, I'd go for the better specced bike with mechs, Hydraulics are absolutely better but hydraulics are a big percentage of cost in a less expensive bike.

  19. Hydraulic disc isn't much more and far superior I will never go back to cables

  20. The Boardman range at Halfords is worth a look!

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