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Has anyone used rok straps and can provide any feedback? Thanks!

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  1. They’re awesome. That’s it, buy some.

  2. On my trip home from work tonight. ????????

  3. Yea love them

  4. Don’t leave home without ’em.

  5. Work great. Buy a few pair. Very useful

  6. Have them use them and love them

  7. There is only one problem with ROK straps.. Let your buddy borrow them and you will never get them back. Take a wild guess how I know.????

  8. I have both sizes. I use them all the time. They are very secure. Gone our the bungee nets that I used to use.

  9. I use 4 narrow and 1 wide ROC Straps but also use a large cargo net that I have only found at Aerostich. It’s the best I’ve ever used.

  10. The best!!! PERIOD

  11. I have used them for about 4 years. I have about 8 total now ,, 1/2 large and 1/2 small size. I like them very much. I don’t buy bungy cords anymore

  12. Every strap I have is a Rok Strap, I would never have another bungee

  13. They’re great always have some in my saddlebags

  14. Completely converted to Rok straps, safer and more secure than bungees.

  15. They are the absolute best.

  16. Use them. Love them. Awesome, get you some

  17. Amazing, love them

  18. Good straps!

  19. Brilliant straps. We`re using them for many holidays. Never had problems.

  20. We use Rokstraps from @Enduristan, they are absolutely fantastic

  21. Always have them in the bike for just in case situations.

  22. I have a number of Rok straps and cargo elasticated netting over all the titems, as I use 2 panniers and a dry roll ag

  23. Never leave home without them. Amazing what you can carry on a bike

  24. I have a single long one; holds tight!

  25. Awesome product!

  26. They are the greatest thing since the invention of the motorcycle.

  27. Just ordered some, hopefully better than bunny cords?

  28. I use them all the time. They are expensive, but worth it IMHO if you don’t want to damage your bike or lose your stuff. I’ve had both happen with bungies.

  29. Well worth the cost. Been using them for years on all my bikes.

  30. I prefer them over regular bungies.

  31. Rok straps rock. I have used them for many years. Never had one fail.

  32. good stuff, very tough & holds tight

  33. Highly recommended. Work harder and last longer than MUCH more expensive options that I will leave nameless.

  34. Only strap I will use!

  35. Its the only thing I use now. So incredibly awesome

  36. Best tie down system I know of. I keep two on my rack at all times.

  37. Rok straps with carabiners are the best

  38. They are awesome!

  39. highly recommended

  40. Thats what I’m using for my Alaska->Argentina trip. I have 4 large size and 2 small size

  41. They are fantastic!

  42. The greatest! There are a few different kinds so be sure to get the ones for motorcycles.

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