What screen is good for the Yamaha Tracer 900


Can anyone give a suggestion on what screen is good for the tracer. I am 6’2″ and will be using the bike for commuting in motorways and Twisties. I had picked out the ermax touring but reading reviews anything over 60mph becomes a problem. Then there is Puig, powerbronze, mra etc then I’m reading that a smaller screen works best and now totally confused. I don’t want something monstrously tall but something that keeps the aesthetics of the bike looking good, if there is such a thing. What do you all recommend?

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  1. I am 6 ft and used a skid Mark touring screen and found it great tinted .I have it for sale if anyone interested. Just sold the bike .

  2. I’ve got the givi, I’m 5’8 and still get buffeted but it looks good so ….????

  3. I am 6.3 and have the same problem. I was told to get a Ermax sport and Puig touring.\nThe standard screen is crap btw

  4. I’m 6ft1 and find a shorter screen is best. I run the ermax sport and it directs wind to the chest, not the helmet. I don’t exactly keep it below 70 (kmh of course ;)) and it’s fine. Commute 35 miles per day.

  5. The taller the better, or the shorter the better.\nI have a National Cycle touring and an MRA Sport screen.\nAnything in between is going to send turbulent air somewhere you don’t want it.

  6. I agree with Mike O’Connell. However, looks wise it’s got to be shorter!

  7. Ermax touring with puig spoiler , no earplugs needed at 160kph but I am only 5,9

  8. I see you’re in Liverpool Ian. I work in irlam if you want to try the short screen you’re more than welcome.

  9. I’m 6’2”, prefer the wind on my chest. This shorter than stock Puig sport one’s pretty good. Did a long spin recently and I never thought about the screen so I’m happy. I didn’t want a massive touring one because I think they ruin the look of the bike. Each to their own though

  10. I have used a puig touring screen and it makes a big difference but it is quite big and you need spacers on the hand guards ( supplied by Puig in the kit). I have been trying it without the handguards and it is ok so far.

  11. I have the Parabellum Medium screen works great. But I’m only 5’5

  12. People do say a shorter screen is quieter than the stock screen. That may be the case but you will still be getting a ton of wind blast on the highway. If you want to be \

  13. I also have the Puig wind deflectors and GIVI hand guards which help out tremendously on the highway and can both be seen in this picture.

  14. Puig Sport, cuanto mas pequeña mejor. Las pantallas grandes van fatal..un saludo

  15. Do yourself a favour.. Before you spend any money on any screen try taking yours off completely and going for a spin. It’s wonderful, in my opinion and it costs nothing to try. If you don’t like it then you probably want one of the barn door types..

  16. Personally I ended up with the PowerBronze shorty and I’m well happy..

  17. Yamaha do a nice touring screen ????

  18. I have a Puig dark tint touring screen i got off of M&P direct and i find it more than good enough as i am 6ft2 so much wind coverage too

  19. This the light tint Puig touring screen on my Bev. It’s on the lowest setting ????

  20. Puig = lots of wind coverage. Looks ugly. Powerbronze = clean air for your head, but provides much more airflow. To help… I have 2 screens! Puig touring for the cold winter, and the powerbronze bikini for the other 3 seasons..

  21. go one they work

  22. I’m the same, I have tried the yamaha tall screen and it’s ok it stops me being battered by the wind! But looks terrible in my eyes! If I was planning a long trip I’d put it on but for everyday the stock 1 gets used! The tall 1 is sooo ugly!

  23. I’m 6’4 and a short screen is better for me.

  24. I have a couple of CalSci made from California … one short/dark and a tall (touring)/clear one for cold weather. I’m 6’0 and I love them both. I highly recommend them. Great quality and awesome customer service. Check website. http://www.calsci.com

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