2017 Zforce 800 Skidplates


Hey guys. Got a 2017 Zforce 800. Looking for skidplates. What brand do u guys recomend? Im in canada ontario

Emanuel 5 years 6 Answers 854 views 0

Answers ( 6 )

  1. Iron baltic hands down!

  2. Where did u buy yours that’s the same color as mine put a lift in mine as it bottomed out lots

  3. I second Iron baltic, i bought one of the plastic hdpe for my can am atv and the quality is second to none and you can order it from the website to instead of ebay which scams them out of alit of money do to fees.

  4. I see it’s an EX, so Iron Baltic will fit. I/B don’t make ’em yet for the 50\

  5. Cf moto makes a full aluminum skid plate kit call your dealer.

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