T7 vs KTM 690 Enduro


New rider here looking for some advise on T7 vs KTM 690 enduro. Which one should i get for a rider with intentions of 50/50 on off road riding.

Thank you

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  1. There’s a million YouTube videos with people smarter than me. I’m waiting for my T7 even though I could go get a KTM today

  2. Need help picking your underwear too?

  3. I’ll make it easy 4 you…. buy the Yamaha T7

  4. If you want to work on your bike buy the KTM, if you want to ride it buy the Yamaha.

  5. Go t7 just got mine ,put 2k on it hard riding and I have a fully setup ktm 1190 and the tenere is awesome.

  6. Well we might just be a little biased in here… I suspect the only answer you were ever going to get was to buy the T7…

  7. Ajp PR7, more reliable, world tour worthy and a lot more comfortable too. 9k worth

  8. Johnny it’s apples and oranges the Ktm will be like a tiger by the tail with its tight power band for a new rider. T7 for a more ‘enjoyable’ ride for a new rider.

  9. I had the same question when I was looking and tried both.

    I would suggest you try them and see what you think.

    I much preferred the Yamaha, being a much nicer bike to ride and much less fussy. Also meant I could save a bit of cash!

    However, the KTM has advantages too so, like I said, you should test ride both.

  10. New rider!
    Looking for a 50/50 bike.
    Go buy a CRF250L

  11. My mate has a 690 I have a T7. At the weekend we ride the same trails. During the week I commute to work on my T7. He doesn’t in fear of his 690 being stolen….. This would be my concern too with that bike. The problem is both can do the off road stuff admirably. It would be the 50u0025 road that’s more the interest here…..

  12. Thank you for all the great comments -i have to get out there and testride if possible. How would you rate the importance of traction control for a newer rider?

  13. Many of us who’ve ridden bikes for years learned to ride without tc on all sorts of bikes, so shouldn’t be a worry. Of course tc can be of assistance in certain situations as it is a rider aid (e.g. coolant/oil etc on the road, very loose stuff on gravel roads).
    Just ride in a tempo you’re comfortable with an ride with margins
    As for the T7 not having a tc, it doesn’t need one as the power is linear and very tractable, but margins and comfortable tempo is key.

  14. Depends how technical your off road riding will be. The 690 is significantly lighter and quite a bit more capable in the bush when the trail turns to sh*t but not as pleasant on the road as it’s buzzier and the engine is mechanically noisey/harsh compared to the beautifully smooth T7. If you are mainly riding flowing trails and fire trails with no hard core stuff go the T7. Hope this helps.

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