R1 traction control setting


When having a straight line race ( Rolling start) What should your traction control setting be ?.

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  1. With it off is there not a chance of losing traction with all tha HP on the back wheel. ?

  2. That’s what I would think as the power delivery isn’t linear like the S1k for instance, it’s flat in the mid range and at around 8000rpm the power comes in very aggressively which makes it feel as though the back wheel loses traction quite a bit

  3. It depends what gear and speed your rolling on from I suppose

  4. Off. All your weight middle front of the bike. You aren’t going to lose traction. Keeping the front down is the trick. Traction control robs too much power.

  5. Brandon Whitehead was the jockey against a so called standard 05 GSXR, first race he beat the Suzuki by a bike length, 2nd race the GIXER won as he got the hit on R1…The guy was to scared to run a decider. ..In the first race he had traction control on 1….second no traction control. ..This is why we asking. .. and while we on the subject, who believes that the 05 GSXR is standard as it runs like a bitch.

  6. If I did have TC I’d only use it to prevent slides on corners, you should be able to judge and correct traction loss when in a straight line….

  7. Lol… TCS on a straight line Race

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