Velocity stacks on YZF R1?


Has any put aftermarket velocity stacks on their r1? Thinking about it for my 07. Just put the TOCE exhaust on it and love it. Will the stacks add sound, hp, and more airflow?

Velocity stacks on  YZF R1?

Velocity stacks on  YZF R1?

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  1. If you are that meticulous about getting hp, you need to sell the TOCE and get a performance exhaust. That’s like wanting a performance car, putting an AutoZone muffler on it, and then upgrading the manifold for horsepower.

  2. Been looking at them for my 99, they’ll increase airspeed going into the cylinder head. Have a of 38x110mm on my fz6r

  3. They aren’t MAGIC. The gains will be small. I didn’t even notice a change after putting Graves stacks on my 04. Supposedly they help more at high rpm.

    The sound of my bike didn’t change either

  4. I’ve seen this post twice now in the same week. The oem rubber ones on my 99 are decent enough and they do their job fine. What difference would an aftermarket set do that the oem doesn’t do already?

  5. Has anyone had stock stacks and got aftermarket and noticed a difference in anything? My bike runs great already with plenty of power. Need responses from someone that has actually changed them out and noticed a positive or negative difference.

  6. Keeping my comments to myself

  7. I have graves velocity stacks but put it on 2 weeks after buying the bike brand new so I have no real reference of before and after on an 05

  8. They do make a difference. A friends bike and mine. Tuned on the same dyno. We made the same peak power but I made about 4 horse more through the midrange than he did

  9. Here we go again…. The infamous Toce comments.

  10. Because toce is shit lol

  11. Badass maybe. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on looks and sound. To each his own tho. I’m happy with them

  12. Makes no sense to add stacks when you lost power

  13. If you ever wanna trade your toce exhaust for a 2 bros let me know I’m more into looks than hp gain or lose

  14. I doubt I had a hp loss. I’m willing to put the stock ends back on and getting a dyno done on both to see. If I spend the money for a dyno and end up having a hp gain with the toce. I’ll take sorry donations from the haters

  15. No hating its facts put it on the dyno

  16. Facts that seem to be biased opinions to me. I’ll dyno it next month and show the facts whether I’m right or wrong

  17. Stock will give more power over TOCE. Fact

  18. It’s true. Anytime you throw on straight pipes you lose some power. But if you’re only riding streets then you shouldn’t worry about it. It’s what you like Your bike

  19. The Toce pipes look cool and sound cool. But, for performance there are much better choices.

    I’m surprised that Toce hasn’t done something about it all these years. But, hey. People keep buying them.

  20. Because people by them. They don’t care

  21. If they didn’t cost as much as some high end systems idt it would be that much of a big deal. But they come advertised as a performance exhaust and cost just as much. I do think they look badass and ppl always compliment them.

  22. I’m a welder. Need to start welding some shit together, slap a sticker on it and sell it as performance exhaust. Now accepting orders

  23. Guess these guys are full of shit

  24. Yes, yes they are.

  25. Fucking liars.

  26. So the bike put down 177 stock and it’s not flashed right after the exhaust. Yeah right

  27. It has been VERY well-known that their dyno numbers are shit. Haha. That is old news.

  28. Lol. So even if I did get mine dyno’d and posted graphs. I’d be a liar too. Lmao. Y’all are shot out. Nothing to prove anymore to this page. Happy riding to all

  29. Well no, you’re welcomed to. I’ve already seen that comparison done on the same bike, same dyno, running Winpep7 I believe it was. Soooo be my guest. Haha.

  30. Looks like an inflated dyno like brocks

  31. I mean, it’s not a secret on how to inflate dyno numbers. How it’s so hard to believe a company like TOCE would do so, I’m not sure. Haha.

  32. You should of never mentioned the toce part to get actual insight on these stacks. (Haters) I just slapped a toce system on my 2014 and i love it

  33. There are different designs of stacks too, just to spice things up some more…LOL

  34. Spend money on this:

    BMC air filter
    AIS Removal/block off plates
    ECU flash
    Quality HH front pads
    After marker brake lines.

  35. hahaha the ones in the picture would be good for wheelies and then shite at the top end

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