Does the fuel pump run all the time?


Hi guys, silly question, on an '09 R1, does the fuel pump run all the time while engine is running? I ask because in the racecar I've got the stock wiring harness (but unfortunately couldn't use the pump) and I'd like to use the standard wires that run to the pump, the pump I have requires constant 12v at least while running so thought I'd ask..(cause I'm sure I have heard the pump prime then turn off when I still had the bike together) cheers for any advice.

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  1. It will prime when ignition is first turned on. Then will be constant when running. Needs 45 psi of fuel pressure for the bike to run so has to be constant.

  2. Awesome thanks a lot, yeah i thought I’d just better check but that is great, I’ll just use the standard wiring and I’m set.

  3. You got a return to tank circuit for the pipe work?

  4. Yeah I have hooked up a reg on the pressure side with the return into the tank, was almost thinking of just going straight through but im sure this pump will bound to be a bit high, I am not sure how the stock reg works as I can see it but no evidence of any return off it?

  5. And I also thought I heard the pump cycling, but it turned out on my bike, after running everything independently thru the onboard computer, what I was hearing was the exup valve, not the fuel pump.

  6. Why couldn’t you use the stock pump I have the stock pump in my modlite

  7. I am not going to cut the tank open to fit the pump

  8. O I see I did mine

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