R1 Dyno Results



What dyno results have you got for decatted flashed 14b’s ?

Someone asked how much BHP I have and when I checked MCN there 179bhp

So are they coming up 190bhp with the average decat and flash ? I’m guessing that flywheel not wheel too


R1 Dyno Results

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  1. Mines was flashed and put on dyno it had a decat and akras on it and it was like 160 on the dyno

  2. Mine has been a track bike all it’s life. I don’t know what has been done internally to it before I bought it. However it has a full akra system, k&n filter and a woolich flash and it’s showing 172 and change at the rear.

  3. Mine had 170 at the rear wheel. With a full akropovic evo system and full bazzaz software. On jhs racing dyno. As that’s a race spec dyno they allow 10 to 15u0025 loss from the crank.

  4. Think mine ran 176 at the wheel with everything that could b done to it. No idea what it was at the fly

  5. The numbers mcn give are crank not wheel

  6. 168.2 for mine

  7. At the wheel on my 4c8 ud83dude18

  8. Mines got a Pete Beale built engine. Flashed Ecu. I run a full ti race system. 185 at the rear wheel.

  9. My 14b is 168 at rear, std exhaust but decatted, flashed ecu, it’s how it delivers tho, so much grunt.!!!

  10. My road one is 172 and my track one is 168

  11. 173 u0040 the rear with full akra & mwr filter and racetools

  12. 165 de cat with akrapovic slip on. Woolich software

  13. They’re not a big horse power bike, mine was setup at JHS, around 160 at the rear wheel.

  14. Depends if crank or wheel hp my dyno sheets say 169bhp wheel

  15. Mine was 178 at wheel

  16. Quick question.Does flashing the bike bump up the Insurance premiums much?

  17. 4c8 , full Akra, skimmed and ported head , by myself, kit cams , yam software flash kit ecu .

  18. Thanks guys so seems to average is 170 at the wheel and about 190-195 at fly

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