Communication between riders?


What does everyone use for communication between riders? I use the Sena wireless head sets. They are really nice but… I hate have to recharge them and there is plenty of wind noise from the microphones. I was looking to get an old style wired set with no recharging to worry about. Just plug in and go.

Communication between riders?

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  1. I use sena too. Love it

  2. I used Sena in the PD. Was great. Could get a large group of other officer to click in. Talk on the phone or listen to music.

  3. Cardo slim ud83cudffc

  4. Had Sena 20s now have cardo packtalk bold. Pretty happy with it.

  5. Cardo pack talk bold. Works great

  6. Had Sena 20s. Liked it. Upgraded to 50s. Nothing but problems. Stay away from the 50

  7. Cardo.. I’ve had a dozen Senas ..nothing but nightmares

  8. I have had a Sena SMH 10, 20s and a Cardo Packtalk Bold JBL. The SMH 10 was the best as far as being able to hear it well, feature wise the Packtalk is the best imo.

  9. I have a Sena SMH5-FM. Nobody ever complains about wind noise, in fact quite the opposite ‘wow your on your bike?’, they say.
    Music quality isn’t awesome, but it’s tolerable at moderate levels (I still like to hear the road)
    Battery life of pretty good. With a new battery I got about 6-7 hours of streaming music at 7/10 volume level. Just replaced the battery today for the first time as run time was down to about 3.5 hours.

  10. 20S here and no wind noise. Boom mike is better than mounting one at front of a full face.

  11. I have 10S and it lasts about 6 hours and happy

  12. Sena Momentum Evo helmet. Mesh intercom.

  13. Stupid question. But what mic are you using? Are you using the foam cover? Are you using a full face/modular/open style helmet?

  14. Cardo is great! Last for days & quick to charge at low battery

  15. I have the Sena 20s with the mic mounted in my helmet no complaints.

  16. We use the sena 20s my friends have the 30k 50 the newer ones. The battery life sucks on the new ones. My old 20s gets a full day of use before needing a charge

  17. Cardo all the way. My girl and I both have the packtalk bold, I’ve had mine a few years now and it just keeps getting better. Charges in like an hour and the battery lasts for days, even with music

  18. UCLEAR, Sena is a way too expensive and shitty backup, and too many unnecessary functions. Uclear has better speakers, connectivity and reaches between other units.

  19. Went from a SENA SMH10R to a Cardo Freecom 4+ (garbage!!) and am now happily settled into a SENA 50R

  20. I have a pwr supply,USB type, velcro-ed to my helmet for those all day rides.

  21. nothing. it’s a moment of peace.

  22. I run the Sena 10C Pro and I love it. Only negative is when using the camera, the battery life isn’t terribly long. Maybe 4 hours. But for longer rides I’ll plug it in while I’m using it.

  23. I have Sena 20s. Other guys I ride with have 10s and 50s. Works ok, but we’re all switching to Cardo next season.

  24. I have to run the H-D branded 20s Sena. Can’t say we have any complaints even with a 3/4 helmet and bubble shield. Gf likes the radio in them

  25. Hand signals

  26. Sena is great, micro and earphones have perfect sound, when i answer a call i have to tell the caller I’m riding otherwise they wouldnt know, sound is really good, but i guess it depends on your helmet too. Battery is good endurance. downside is velcro doesnt stick really well inside the helmet, I put some tape to help it stay in place.

  27. I like my sena and most of their models can charge while using which isn’t any more troublesome than a wired set

  28. Cardo Scala Riders!!! Many many Thousands of miles!!!!!!!! And 25 countries….

  29. riding is my time in my head .so no communication till next fuel stop or the destination

  30. Auto Com intercoms, Hard wired but work awesome. same set since 2008…

  31. Cardo Freecomm because it’s water proof.

  32. I yell in my husband’s ear or tap on his helmet. We had some sort of comm at one time. Took it out. We have ridden 10s of thousands of miles throughout the U.S. and Canada with no comm, no music, no barcalounger for me. And loved every mile of it.

  33. SENA 20s. The battery is awesome and the sound quality is pretty descent.

  34. I have a new in box wired set

  35. Cardo Packtalk with mesh comms FTW.

  36. SENA 20S Evo. Recharging is just part of the ride. The only way not to charge is to be tethered, and the SENA will run tethered to the usb charger too.

  37. Cardo pack slim

  38. u270bud83cudffc
    One of the reasons I ride is so I don’t have to talk to anyone.

  39. Added these to our sena 50s. A group of 10 of us that ride. 3-4 harleys, couple of gold wings and then various metric bikes. Since we’ve all added these wind noise is next to nothing.

  40. We have Cardo Packtalk Bold, and they are the best!

  41. We bought a set of Cardo Pactalk bold an upgrade from our 5 yr old Carfo G9……. except it wasn’t an upgrade.
    The G9 far better radio range, better voice recognition easier to use.
    Big regrets buying the pactalk bold , g9 set may go back on my helmet

  42. I stop and talk.

  43. I’ve used senas but my all time favourites is a cheap chinese intercom known as BT S2.. i still have the one that i bought in 2014. i was so impressed i got more for my other helmets. The ones that i bought later were called QTA35 but kind of lasted a little over an year, i guess the initial batches were more sturdy. What impressed me was how loud these are. Even at 130 kmph, you can hear calls/music and intercom loud and clear just as if you were wearing headphones. On the downside, intercom can pair to only one other rider and works with most intercoms out there. Battery life is about 8 hrs continuous loud music. Simplistic design and water resistant

  44. Does any wireless motorcycle intercom (like Sena) also have a module to install in a car? That way I can talk to a support vehicle while riding.

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