2015 yamaha with a genuine quickshifter.


Hi. Sorry another question

2015 yamaha with a genuine quickshifter. I am after a blipper but Yamaha dealer have said I would need to change the quickshifter to an aftermarket product as there is no blipper which will work along side the genuine quickshifter.

If this is true whats the best one to go for.

Do I need to get the bike mapped when I put it on?


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  1. Woolich qs with autoblip

  2. Translogic would be my recommendation.

  3. Translogic blip assist with pit lane warm up button

  4. Translogic and irc are the 2 main standalone blippers people use one the r1’s.
    Both work very well.
    Hm do one too but have never tried one so cant comment on it.
    Cost wise the translogic is cheapest but the irc is a better unit in my opinion

  5. Translogic or Bike Sport Developments

  6. thank you all. is it easy to put on and does the bike need mapping once put on?

  7. Install is easy
    No need to get the bike mapped after

  8. wow thanks for the speedy response. I will look in to both now. Once again thank you

  9. FTecu blipper is by far the best blipper on the market, it uses all the sensors on the bike to calculate the right amount of blip for each given downshift situation. It requires no setup to set kill times and blips unlike any other product because it uses it’s own algorithm to calculate the best blip amount to make the most seemless downshift. https://www.veloxracing.com/wp/product/ftecu-yamaha-r1-2015-2016-2017-r1-r1m-blipper-system-oem/

  10. Just wait for the 2021 suppose to be coming with a seamless gearbox

  11. U tracking her?

  12. Is it impossible to update the software to the 2018 model that includes the blipper/downshift?

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