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Question to R1M owners especially when you buy brand new bike, who you insure with. Just checked compare the market, when specifying the value of the bik £22k only MCE comes up with £2K insurance )) crazy, any tips who you use and whether you specify lower bike value?

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  1. Tell them you have 4 trained protection dogs.

    Got my insurance down from 600 to 130 ud83dude1d

    Or keep your bike here. It will be safe

    Damn I want that bike.

    Sorry I am of no help… unless you want to but one of the four dogs

  2. Also, being serious for 4seconds, 22k is the buy it now price. New

    Not the value.

  3. You sound foreign- pull the racist card. Should be able to get a discount

  4. Get a sex change . Always cheaper for girls, we’re all slow

  5. Have you tried

  6. Few tips and its not down significantly ))

  7. 20k and less is a very big difference. Just put the value as 20k… the end they won’t give you 20k even if you write it off the next day. Insure for and take out gap insurance…job done

  8. Try Hodgeson insurance, specialist bike insurers and give discount for club member ship

  9. They want to see it has 4 trackers 12 chains 6 dogs and you do 0 miles a year to get it cheap these days

  10. I use mce and with a tracker and a s4 alarm it made no difference lol

  11. Your occupation can make quite a difference, try and be a little creative

  12. I’m moving to the new place Saturday. Your more than welcome if you do, I’ll send you address

  13. I use MCE pal, on a ’19 plate R1M. Came out at around fully comp. I’m a 41yr old officer in the British Army

  14. Did you put occupation as ‘winner of fast group’?

    That will affect it

  15. Tracker an garage an good locks alarm system on your garage CCTV camera.

  16. Everyone go bemoto. They are awsome and cheap. They are all bikers

  17. Try carol nash i have fjr xjr r6 and r1 i pay fully com

  18. I only paid first time on a 1000 and not ridden in 2 year.

  19. Just done mine Serg Hastings 2018 R1M

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