2017 R1M Pipe


Anyone still got stock exhaust but changed over to a link pipe getting rid of the cat ?

If so what is the best link pipe to get and where from please 2017 R1M

2017 R1M Pipe

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  1. I used the black widow titanium looks great and has the mounting points for the heat shields. Or you can buy the same thing with an Akrapovic badge for three hundred quid more lol

  2. Scorpion do a steel one pretty cheap

  3. Black widow . Great fit plus you can put your body work back on

  4. If you thing is trackdays, you might want to consider the akropovic trackday system. Baffles at both ends so you can tune it to suit,,105db down to 99 I believe.

  5. Just went with the Akra one that Yamaha sell

  6. Beast of a bike

  7. Nice one cheers, right now on a system is a lot as winter is round the corner so just going to start off with the Link pipe and go from there

  8. Racefit all the way brother!! Quality and compromise and a link pipe included

  9. Austin racing if you want real noisy lol

  10. Are you currently running a stock full system?

  11. Theres an akra can and link pipe on ebay at the min for 500

  12. I have. Plenty loud enough. I used a scorpion one.

  13. Pipe werx will make what size you want. I run a full system from him and its excellent, plus great value too

  14. Titanium akrapovic decat pipe and can for me but all of them sound awesome

  15. Yeah. I used a decat pipe from MTC exhausts. The bike is loud! Like motogp loud! There is no real baffling in the the standard end can. The cat does most of the silencing.

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