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Insurance question, who are people with,

R1m been told not able to quote and one other was £8500

Current R1 with MCE, Carole nash saying not able to quote 5 years NCD 55 years old and passed bike test at 17 clean licence, I’m sure I can sort it but thought I would ask you guys who your with,

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  1. Try LVE fully comp for me

  2. It seems they dont like the 20k plus price of bike

  3. Same age same bike pass my test same time .but got 16 years ncb try bemoto that’s who I am with

  4. I have a 2016 R1, 5 years ncb am 23 yrs old and my insurance for the year was just over u00a31,100 that’s with MCE.

  5. Bemoto are always worth a call

  6. I’m with Bennett’s 46 with 15 ncb and I paid u00a3107 fully comp for my r1 first Gen Big Bang from new. And only u00a3186 to insure the other 3 I have on a multi bike policy at Adrian flux. (R1 06, zx10 11, Rc8 10)

  7. Thanks guys will be calling about just think the u00a38500 was a tad high

  8. Carl Nash but on a riders policy so basically multibike so unsure why they quoted you so high unless you live in a tent

  9. Bemoto.uk 01733 907000

  10. If you drop the value of the bike under you will find you will get insurance

  11. Yamaha R1M 2016, MCE wanted to renew. BeMoto came in less than, no brainer for me

  12. Depending where you live would affect your premium bud 8500 seems strange

  13. Must have a bounty on your head.mines on my 5vy. 27 with 5 ncb

  14. ScottMeakin at be moto

  15. Swinton bike insurance

  16. Mackenzie Hodgson. Very reasonable

  17. Hastings 2018 R1M

  18. My 2016 R1 was about fully comp, but when I looked to change to a 2020 R1M a few weeks ago I could only get quotes from 3 providers and they were all well over a grand. It stopped the purchase unfortunately.

    I have a 2018 Ducati V4; which I assumed would be far harder to ensure, yet it’s fully comp.

    The price hike for the R1M, compared to other compatible; and more expensive, bikes doesn’t seem to make any sense.

  19. Sorted now thanks for all the comments

  20. So how much??

  21. And with with insurer?

  22. I’m with carole nash, 2007 R1, with a 3 bike policy. I’m 44 and cost me under

  23. The problem seems to be the 2020 R1M

  24. Matt Watson May be able to help.

  25. Insured mine with Swinton insurance today and Bemoto 2018 R1M value 16k 4K miles a year, 2y NCB and passed test five years ago. u00a3670
    If your trying to insure a bike with a value of over 20k you will struggle, that’s the magic figure for bikes in the insurance world.

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