Question for y’all nomad owners.


I have a question for y'all nomad owners. How me miles can you get out of it? I found a beautiful bike for sale that im really interested in but it has 80,000 miles on it. It's a 99 nomad 1500. What's our thoughts on it?

Question for y'all nomad owners.

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  1. My only concern would be the 99 had the plastic oil gear if you found out it was repaired i wouldnt have a issue with it. I bought one used gear went out at 56000 you gotta split motor to repair unless you use The Judge oil gear. I would try research this issue.

  2. Buy it. Great bike and a classic!! First year they made the Nomad. Wish I still had mine. If the bike has that many miles, the POG has most likely bern replaced. Mine went out at 23k.

  3. Still a lot of miles left in her if she’s been properly maintained. But as Franklin said the Plastic Oil Gear was an issue with these bikes.

  4. Thanks guys. I was a bet worry about the miles.

  5. Fred Roeglin. i just bought the same bike(i believe cali produced a slightly different with a few things) in Australia. 66k km. they go around the $10k mark, i paid half that. never done motor work in my life, pulled clutch cover off and checked the oil gear, it was metal. i would suggest this bike is the same, but i had to know. i recently pulled rocker case and replaced cam plug, which is another issue with these bikes. Big job, but got it all back together, hit the starter and man, that thing just ran, better than before. ..another thing with this bike is talk of cam chain tensioner extenders, I upgraded for insurance, some say it’s unnecessary. I would think your miles are fine. How much?

  6. Fred Roeglin should you pull the trigger on the Nomad – here is a page that will give you all kind of GOOD STUFF

  7. 3 years ago I got a excellent 99 Nomad with 32,000 miles . I paid $3400. then sold it a year later for $3200. ( purchased a 2009 Nomad). So I’m guessing that this Nomad would be worth about $2000, in great condition. The fairing and trunk may add another $500 in value. Hope my guess is close to the asking price for the Nomad. I would dicker really hard on a price as I think with 80K miles it would be a hard sell. Get a great deal. Enjoy it, cause it should last a long time still. Have a Mechanic give it a look over and test drive before you buy.

  8. Check out and search for 99 or 1500 cc Nomads. You will get a idea of price vs mileage. Consider how much you will ride… local. or long trips. I would look for one with far less miles. Consider that when you add several thousand miles to this, you may never be able to sell it ,

  9. I manage to justify it to myself sometimes…but I really only get mid 200kms up from a 17L tank. I think its on the thirsty side of things, 300kms a good tank range over here, Just needs a bigger tank, lol.

  10. Mine has over 55000 miles runs great! Had to do cam chain tensioner extensions that’s it. They’re a problem for 15 and 1600’s

  11. I have this 04. I also have a tour pack for it. 52k miles. Had it on Craigslist and cycletrader for over a month. Priced at $4000 obo. Not even one call on it.

  12. I had a buddy that traded his in with 98,000 miles. for a Triumph America something he soon regretted. He advised that the clutch was slipping a little. I still have the 1500 drifter, with 45K,

  13. 128,000 miles.
    Had to replace the 1st 2 output transmission bearings around 100,000 miles, and had to retire the old girl at 128k when the third went out.

  14. Depends on how it’s been maintained.

  15. I had cam chain issues at about that point.

  16. If you don’t buy please let me know I need one even if motor on that one may be bad

  17. I have 99 with only 17000 miles need parts for

  18. Same color combination

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