Poweroutlet on the 1200gs


How do you all mount a poweroutlet on the 1200gs in the front area?

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  1. Double USB socket with weatherproof rubber cap fitted to my bars. Bought it from Nippy Normans.

  2. Ahh.. to the handle bars. Any other options.. have a gps a charge Button and an extra switch for auxillary Lights so its a bit crowded

  3. Where have you mounted it?

  4. I have this on my gsa. Then I have a short lead going to a Wunderlich handlebar bag which has the USB splitter to charge stuff

  5. On the right

  6. I just relized… why not mount it on that bar… thats the problem when the bike is in storage… you cant see the obvoius.. does that bar Come on a standard gs aswell?

  7. Sorry all… it was quite self answer ing question when i got to the storage and took the cover off

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