Good led light bar for gs 1200 lc adventure


I am looking for a good led light bar for my gs 1200 lc adventure. The one I can find online is way too expensive (see pic). Anybody that knows a good alternative?

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  1. Watching as I’d like to know too.
    Have you got a link to the one pictured at all?

  2. The location will kill it, prone to breaking on top of your wheel, no damping at all. You can get them cheap from eBay, but you’ll have to waterproof them yourself, warranty sucks and they are not that rigid. I recommend Baja Designs for great light/quality/waterproofing. In the end you can also change lenses for different beams and lighting types. The cheapest ones are just real crap in the end.

  3. I have one like this

    I have no complaints about them at all. I just fitted a small lexan plate to protect the lense. They work brilliant.

    I fixed them to my fork using LampEars (At least I think that is what they are called). Those braces to fix a headlight to the fork on a cafe racer.

  4. Fitting the light bar onto the fork legs may well allow it to point in the same direction as the front wheel. However, that’s not necessarily what you want while counter-steering. Also the light will bob up and down with the front wheel. I think I’d prefer it mounted rigidly on the bike itself.

  5. Agree but what would be an alternative way to mount a bar like mentioned before by Tony Bogaert?

  6. You can try these, see how long they last, but would not mount them on top of the wheel.

  7. Kijk eens op de steuntjes moet je wel zelf fixen

  8. mine look like this
    No issues what so ever with the lights. I paid about 75 euro for the led bar and the 2 additional led spot. I must say however that the large led bar is not adding a lot of value to the 2 led spots. The led bar lights the middle of the road and moves along with the handlebars which gives me a bit of a nervous feeling in the dark. The 2 additional spots mounted on brackets on the frame are much better.
    I rode the Hard Alpi Tour with just the 2 spots (I left the ledbar at home) and that went very well. I have seen many solutions that cost and arm and a leg and are not half as good as those cheap amazon led spots.

  9. Diego Santini, questo ha vinto, barra led anche centrale!

  10. Look on AliExpress!

  11. Download the app "GEEK", you’ll find anything you want for a very cheep price!!

  12. Try this! amazing , but expensive.

  13. 4×4 supacenter on fb

  14. Ride in sunshine

  15. Rigid industries make a very good spot, you should be able to find a dealer in Europe, in the UK go to Zen Overland ( he can also fabricate jus tabout anything you want for mounts

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