it’s been cutting out a lot


Question- I have a F650 GS single on a 09 plate. Lately it's been cutting out a lot. The last being on Thursday on the M3 – 4 times. Just died at motorway speed. Sometimes at low speed also. Got going again after a few minutes on the hard shoulder. However coming back to London from Southampton it never played up once! Any ideas?

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  1. Change fuel filter

  2. The fuel pressure regulator is in the same unit and tends to trouble

  3. Ok ud83cudffe I’ll get those changed – ud83dude4fud83cudffd it solves the issue

  4. Does it only happen in the rain?

  5. I’d go with a fuel filter change too, if not, get a garage to check the pressure driven out by the fuel pump. They do fail from time to time and this is the usual symptom.

  6. Hi, I had a f650gs single cylinder and I had the same problem. Check for broken ignition wire just around the part that bends in the front yoke.
    I had to remove the all ignition and cut all the wiring loom and the re solder with new quality wiring.

  7. Does your bike has a side stand sensor? Maybe the controller thinks your side stand is out and stops the engine.

  8. I think it’s sorted. The side stand switch appears to be the issue. It’s all fixed now and hasn’t cut out ud83eudd1eud83cudffdthanks for your help guys

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