Power commander box or other box?


Quick question; I just picked up my 17 R1 and it has an akrapovic slip with the link pipe. I’m sure it required a tune. Any way to tell how and if the bike is tuned other than locating a Power commander box or other box?

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  1. Remove the ecu and look for a sticker from an ecu flashing company. If there’s nothing, send it to Nick Marino to get the ecu flashed.

  2. Even though the general public seems to think otherwise, most tuners don’t physically mark ECUs once they’ve been flashed.

    Send it to us (2WDW) and I’ll tell you whether or not it has been within seconds of plugging it into our hardware. If not, we are announcing insane Black Friday deals tomorrow

  3. Simple way to tell is what exact temp does your fan turn on at? That’ll let you know if the ecu has been flashed. A PCV would be under the seat.

    Hit me up for your ecu flashing needed XPlane R1 Custom Tuning

  4. Lmk if you decide to sell exhaust lol

  5. No guarantee that theres a sticker or any sort of evidence the bike has been tuned or flashed without either running it on a dyno or checking the tables. Fan temp setting isn’t even a guarantee.

    If it makes more than 170 wheel horsepower (give or take a couple), it has probably been at least flashed.

    Biggest benefit beyond just the power gain for a flash/tune is getting the throttle positioning cleaned up. It is absolute garbage from the factory.

    Most people don’t run power commanders anymore. ECU flashing has killed the piggyback off for the most part.

  6. Get it on the dyno to check. If not look at getting Woolich race tools kit – just do it! Ordered it for mine and getting it worked on very soon. Custom tune as ECU flashed. Autoblipper, QS, auto warm-up mode and also pit lane limiter with button switch control unit. Don’t need PC unless you plan on racing it!

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