When I push hard my oil light comes on


Question I have a 04 r1 when I push her hard for awhile my oil light comes on I back off it goes off my oil is topped off just did a oil change like two or three days ago

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  1. What viscosity? Maybe pump/gallery clogged?

  2. Did you change the filter too? When you changed it did you u screw the filter to bleed air out or did you fill it with oil? Could be a bit of air lock, I used to put oil in filters when I was a Yamaha technician to help get things flowing easier.

  3. My older r1 used to do that. They have an oil level sensor rather than oil pressure. The swashing about under hard acceleration used to trick the sensor into think oil level was low. Could be the same thing on yours

  4. Big ends could be on the way out.
    Be kind to her.

  5. Try oil pressure sensor

  6. Normal, top the oil up a little more.

  7. Oil pump filter clogged? Took sump off mine and cleaned the pre pump mesh it was covered with what looked like bits of gaskets on itfine ever since. I’m on 65k now

  8. R1’s and oil lights…

  9. Put your purse down and just go flat out

  10. I can’t believe how many dumb answers are here. This is a super common thing with these bikes. And the oil level sensor is very sensitive then when you go fast the light likes to come on. Happen on my 2002 and my 2009 all the time period I just added a little extra oil and it stopped.

  11. 1ve had a 99, 09, and 05, and every one will flash some if you have it near the limiter a lot for a long period of time, oil cant get bacj to the pan as fast as your pumping it up.

  12. My 04 did the same, I just kept the oil level right at the top line and then it’d stop doing it

  13. My 04 r6 does the same

  14. WOW. why do people take a guess at something they know nothing about and pass it off as fact.

  15. Fact: They "oil" light on an 04 R1 is an indicator of the oil level and has absolutely nothing to do with oil pressure. The oil level sender is located in the sump and these are known to fail over time. So either your oil level is low or this sender is failing!!!! Its that simple

  16. U need 2 top it up nearer 2 the top mark an not between the 2 lines.

  17. I posted this same question a while back. Its normal for this model and nothing to worry about.

  18. You are about two ounces shy

  19. It’s a old level light all Yamaha do it ! It’s gay as fuck … but it is what it is

  20. Thanks to everybody that replied

  21. The bike is trash now. Just give it to me and ill dispose of it properly. LOL.

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