Off road boots with the Tenere ?


Anyone else wear motorcross off road boots with the Tenere ? I can’t get my foot properly under the gear change.

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  1. yeah, I had to lift the gear changer up. its fine now, I wear Alpinestars tech 7.

  2. Should be able to adjust the lever one or two splines

  3. I do. Depends on the boot of courses, no issues with Fox Instincts. You can always lift the lever up, using screws. Remember, one of them is counterclockwise, one is not

  4. I do, Acerbis x move 2.0, it’s fine

  5. Yup. I’m switching between Fox f3r boots, forma adventure and some that looks like a sneaker. Am changing the gear lever height like a Jo-Jo

  6. I’ve Forma Adventure boots and no probs but as said above u can adjust the lever to suit

  7. Yes i do, had to adjust the lever a little bit higher than it was. Gaerne.

  8. Alpinestar tech 3’s. Didn’t have to move the lever

  9. Yes,I had to adjust the lever up,100u0025 better.

  10. Having some problems with tcx

  11. Set the lever to the right position and everything will be good!

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