How close was this to being a bad accident?


How close was this to being a bad accident? Just curious cause my boy was lookin at it and noticed.

How close was this to being a bad accident?

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  1. Not close at all. It’s a clutch cable

  2. No accident at all, you just wouldn’t be able to shift and would stall

  3. Mines spapped a week ago nothing happened i just didnt have a clutch lol glad it dint take off or something

  4. How’s that going to cause an accident . Just curious

  5. Clutch cable won’t cause a accident unless you have no knowledge about bikes and freak tf out

  6. I’m not sure that could cause much of an accident at all. Yea, you’ll lose the clutch but you can still kick it down gears and into neutral

  7. I had to ride my bike 5 miles home with no clutch. Just had to time the lights so you don’t stop. No accident from that.

  8. I rode back from another city more than 120 km away without clutch. Not a big deal if you know how to do clutchless shifting. Only struggled a bit with traffic lights but it’s doable.
    Got it fixed beforethe next ride in like 30 mins.

    I highly suggest you change that. It costs nothing and will save you unwanted headache

  9. Clutch or brake??

  10. Throttle or clutch?

  11. Same here lucky i seen mines

  12. I agree with the poster about this and understand why he asked his question. A new rider that is just learning and takes off like everything is normal and his clutch cable snaps?? It could cause a bad accident he could go to pull in the clutch to downshift and have no clutch and what next? If he is newish to the bike scene he will prob have trouble. I have been riding 21 years now and wouldn’t want this happening to me that’s for sure!!! Cmon guys use your heads before you assume everyone has the knowledge you do

  13. My shifter linkage came undone while I was traveling and I had to pull over and fix it on the side of the road lol

  14. Just a clutch cable…

  15. Piss ass poor maintenance is all. Here’s your participation trophy. You prolly think you deserve one right?

  16. How ? It’s just a clutch cable

  17. Snapped on my previous bike twice first time I didn’t know I can still ride it so I pushed it second time round I drove it

  18. You don’t technically need a clutch

  19. Accodent becouse of this?

  20. Anything could’ve happened, people react differently to certain situations so people wondering how this could’ve caused an accident probably never seen a rookie panic and fail at switching gears…

  21. Maybe at the track it would have been an issue. People underestimate the importance of engine braking.

  22. Always keep a few cable stop clamps in my emergency tool kit under the seat. Works in a pinch to at least get me home.

  23. Cant ride without clutch cable = weak

  24. Mine snapped 10 mins from home once on my r125 still rode it home hoping there was no cars at the crossroad lol

  25. Always make sure the groove cut out the handlebar adjuster faces forward as if it faces backwards every time you pull the clutch lever the cable will be pulled towards the groove rubbing on the edges and eventually fraying the cable till it snaps.

  26. Replacing mines this week!

  27. Its just a clutch cable. How bad of an accident do you expect to happen.

  28. Hahaha omg that’s scary… lucky you didnt die….

  29. I got one from a 02 r1 if you wanna buy it pm me

  30. Ive had mine snap on my zx10r once it was not fun

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